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Lush Fizzbanger ballistic

I will always have a soft spot for the BFG as I loved watching it when I was younger. When I heard Lush were bringing out a ballistic named after it I knew I had to try it.
This ballistic is plain yellow on the outside but once popped into the bath blue bubbles start shooting out from the centre. This then mixes with the yellow and turns the water a bright green. Not the best coloured bath water to relax in, it reminded me of fairy washing up liquid.
Once the ballistic had dissolved completely you are left with a little note all scrolled up as you can in the photo above. This is the perfect addition and goes with the BFG theme so well.
The fragrance of this ballistic is that of B’s perfume Love, which you can find here. The scent is  split up though, the yellow outside layer smells like apples and then when the blue centre opens you get the scent of cinnamon and toffee. It’s a really nice scent and they go really well together.
There’s lots of popping candy in this ballistic too whic…

Lush Twilight ballistic

This Twilight ballistic smells of lavender and ovaltine which is perfect as winter is setting in. Also great if your having trouble sleeping as it really relaxes you.

Once the pink outside layer cracks open blue bubbles start appearing which reminds me of a shooting star. Especially when the ballistic started spinning which you can see in the video below. I couldn’t capture the silver glitter/shimmer on camera as it’s so fine but it looks lovely in the water. It doesn’t stick to your skin though.

With these two photos below you can kind of the see the pink part of the ballistic foaming instead of fizzing away. This means this part will take longer to disappear than the blue.

I love this ballistic, and not just because of the name! I’ll definitely be buying it again.
Here’s just a quick little video of the ballistic spinning round in the water. I’ve never had a ballistic do this before.
There’s no sound so just play your own :)

Have you tried this one before? What did you think?

Lush Dorothy bubble bar

Dorothy reminds me of Christmas Eve bubble bar which I’m so happy about as I loved that limited edition bubble bar.
It smells of Orange blossom and fresh fruit which is lovely. The perfect product for a spring morning, even though it’s September!
I got 4 baths out of it which as great as it only costs £2.80.
Once dropped into running water, lovely soft and airy bubbles start forming and your bath water is left a sky blue colour.
I really want to try figs and leaves soap as it has the same scent *adds to ever growing wish list*
Have you tried this bubble bar or figs and leaves soap? What did you think?

Week in photos 003

001 Discovered how nice mint Oreo McFlurrys are.
002 Took many trips to Taskers and B&Q to buy paint samples, still couldn’t find the perfect colour!
003 Goodbye pink walls …
004 Clothes are currently scattered around the front room,
005 And I’m living in my brothers old room.
006 Wish I didn’t have curtains, they block out so much light.
007 ASOS order came but had to send one top back as the left elbow patch was on the front. I love this jumper though with a rose gold zip, thinking of buying the other two colours.
008 Aussie style bible arrived, so exciting to see everyone in it.
009 Still playing round with my camera, don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it!
010 Hello white walls!
011 Have fallen back in love with Lush baths,
012 And writing reviews on the products.
013 Loving apple juice, it reminds me of holidays at Monkton Wyld which I miss so much. I really want to permanently live here and am thinking of volunteering sometime next year :) 
What have you been doing this we…

Lush Mrs Whippy ballistic

I liked the idea of Mrs Whippy but the ballistic itself didn't live up my expectations. It seems like with the new ballistics it's a bit hit or miss which is a shame as I haven't had this problem with all the old ones.
Lush describes this as a strawberry ice cream but to me it smelt more of blackcurrants.
Once popped into the bath the pink centre and white outside split immediately which was disappointing, I thought it would have the same effect as Dragons Egg and Fizzbanger.
The ballistic foamed away slowing leaving the bath water a milky pink which I didn’t find moisturising at all.
Despite really liking the scent I don’t I’ll be buying this one again and probably sticking with the Comforter if I want a blackcurrant scented product.
Have you tried this one? What did you think?

Lush space girl ballistic

Sadly mine wasn’t covered in copper glitter which kind of made this ballistic look a bit boring. Yeah it looks like Saturn but really it’s just plain purple.

It has a really sweet fruity scent and contains grapefruit oil but it wasn’t obvious from smelling it, I get more of a blackcurrant scent.

Once popped in the bath it fizzed away quickly, just how a bath bomb should. Now here’s the boring bit, it only turned my water slightly purple. Nothing else! I couldn’t hear the popping candy, no glitter, moons or stars which you’d expect from a space themed ballistic.

Overall quite a disappointing ballistic and I probably won’t buy it again. I say probably as you never know!

Have you tried this one? What did you think?

Lush Dragon’s egg ballistic

Sorry there's going to be a few lush reviews one after each other! I had loads of posts planned but stupidly never brought my make-up box out of my room before everything got pushed to the wall ready to decorate. It's now squished at the back with millions of things in front of it! Hope you don't mind :)

The ballistic is white in colour, normal sized with what looks like rice paper circles enclosed in it.
It has a very sweet lemony grapefruit scent, what I’d call as typical Lush scent in that it’s what I’d think of when thinking of Lush. If that makes any sense!!

I don’t think I like the new formula ballistics, at least the two I’ve tried so far. They don’t seem to fizz, more like foam which means they dissolve really slowly. That is until orange bubbles appears out of the centre along with lovely gold glitter and turns this rather boring looking ballistic into something unique.

I also heard some popping candy which I was pleased about as I couldn’t hear it in the Christm…

Review: Lush Sunny Side bubble bar

Image courtesy of  Thea Lush describes this as “Sparkly golden bar with citrus scents to bring you sunshine. If you've had a bad night full of disappointing dreams and wake up feeling a bit glum, pop one of these in the bath. Even as you crumble it under the running water, you'll start to feel better. Maybe it's because citrus fruits only grow in warm, sunny places that their scents make us feel like smiling again. Sunny Side's orange, tangerine and lemon help to get us through the day, however badly it started. It'll turn your life Sunny Side up.” What I think: I’ve never used a full bubble bar for only one bath, I always break them into pieces but decided to try it whole this time. I wouldn’t say I got 3/4 more bubbles (I usually split my bubble bars into four) but I think that’s because my bath can only hold so many bubbles and I like the water level to be really high. It did increase the strength of the scent though, it was much stronger since I used the whole ba…

Sugar scrubs for all!

Ever since I got these Lush sugar scrubs I’ve tried to get them to work for me, as a whole, as powder, mixed with shower gel, mixed with lotion, as a paste and nothing has worked.

Instead of throwing them away I’ve decided to share them with you :)

If you’ve wanted to try them but not sure if they will work for you or if you’ll like the scent I’ll be giving out samples for free.

I have Fairy Tale (from last years Christmas collection), Sugar scrub and Sugar babe.

I have 1 sugar scrub samples, 2 sugar babe samples and 1 fairy tale samples left.

Let me know in the comments or email me, if you want a sample :)

Sorry forgot to say, this is just for UK'ers :)

Week in photos 002

001 Chocolate coins from Sefton Park food festival
002 Messing round with my camera
003 Photos from on the way to McDonalds
004 Naked Palette finally arrived
005 Lush goodies
006 Giant muffin birthday cake
007 Lush replacement arrived
008 Some of mums birthday cards
009 Wagamama take out for tea
010 Left over birthday mess
I'm thinking of having this as a weekly thing on a Sunday, what do you think?

Lush time +

I haven't made a Lush order in what seems like forever! I think it was around Valentines day, crazy long time!
I ordered some of the things I haven’t tried before and am so excited to use them. Lush baths are always the best baths. I’m especially looking forward to using the cherry bath melt as they’re always so moisturising.

As you can see the bottom left ballistic had a bit of an accident! I picked it up out the box and the pink layer crumbled in my hands. The lovely people of Lush have sent me a replacement Twilight though :)
The soaps are the samples I received, there’s definitely a couple I’m going to be buying soon.
Once I’ve used them all I’ll be writing up reviews so keep a look out if you’re interested.
What have you ordered from Lush recently?

Lovea Tahitian Monoi Moisturising Hair Mask

Keeping with the hair theme I have a review of Lovea’s which is available to buy here from

I’ve never used a hair mask before especially one that you leave on for 30mins. I’ve only used deep conditioners so therefore haven’t really got anything to compare it to.
Like all other Lovea products I’ve tried it smells lovely but I still can’t decide what of! Packaging is the usual white plastic with yellow label, I really like this as you immediately know which brand it is. The only thing is that there are no instructions on the back so I had to look on the mypure website for the information.

As you can see from the photo’s above the mask is super thick and only a little bit is needed to cover my long hair.  The website suggests using it after your usual shampoo and conditioner but I decided to use it instead of my conditioner. I slathered on the mask, avoiding my roots, and donned a shower cap to avoid messiness, waited 30 minutes then rinsed it off.

There is one thing I do…

SLS free shampoo’s and conditioner’s

About a year ago my scalp suddenly became really dry, itchy  and flaky, a bit like dandruff. It was another part of my eczema and I wasn’t happy about it.

At the time I was using Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner. I had been using this brand for at least 3 years so was confused as to why my scalp was suddenly reacting to it.

Not wanting to go to the doctors for even more creams I did a little bit of Google searching, information about sodium lauryl sulphate was the most common thing to come up in the search. Previously I had no idea about what goes into the products we use but now have gained a lot more knowledge.  As others have had the same reaction to me and solved the problem by cutting out all the nasty ingredients like SLS I decided to follow course.

After trailing many different “good for you” shampoo and conditioners these two are my favourite and one’s that I will always come back to.

Both of these shampoos lather up really well and the conditioners leave your hair silk…

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Just before I was leaving for my interview the post man dropped off my Urban Decay Naked palette which I've been waiting for what seems like forever. I wasn't going to buy the palette until my spending ban was lifted but I couldn't resist the slightly cheaper price and free delivery from Debenhams. You've probably all seen this before if you don't own it so I'm going keep it short and just show two photos!

I’m thinking I might replace the photo’s above tomorrow if I can get a better shot. It hasn’t stopped raining all day today and the sun is no where to be seen.

Have you already bought this?

Evolve body polish & body cream

Today I’m reviewing two lovely products, Evolve’s Radiance boost body cream and Heavenly body polish, both can be found at

I like the packaging, really simple and purple, my favourite colour!
The only thing I don’t like is the lids, you have to click the lid down to close it which makes a bit of a mess. This can be seen on the photo below, the scrub is the worst. As I only have the small bottles I’m not sure if the larger ones have the same lids, they really need a twist cap to avoid this though.

Everything you need to know is on the back of the bottles including how to use the products. This is great as I’ve found that on other products I’ve reviewed from Mypure they haven’t included this.

The body cream is lovely, it’s quite a thin moisturiser and soaks into the skin effortlessly without leaving an oily residue. I haven’t found that it’s brightened my skin but then again I wouldn’t class my skin as dull or tired.

With this body scrub you apply it onto dry skin and th…