Week in photos 001

Sorry I’ve been so MIA this past week! My cousin came up for the week so we did loads of touristy things, we all had such a good time :) I’ve also been having problems with upgrading my flickr account which is really annoying! I’m going to use photobucket for now though as I have lots of posts lined up and I don’t know when it is going to be fixed.
001 Anglican Cathedral.
002 Sunset from the top of the Cathedral.
003 Albert Dock.
004 Tate for Picasso exhibition.
005  Gormley’s Another Place.
006 I love windshield mirror photos.
007 Messing round with my camera settings.
008 A stick of rock with my name on given to me from my cousin when she went to Blackpool.
009 Ikea to buy a stand for my TV and other bits and bobs.
Hope everyone had a good bank holiday weekend!


  1. pics are lovely.. especially the personalised stick of rock.

    xoxo stay fabulous

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos! :) xo

  3. You photos are gorgeous, sorry if you get asked all the time, but what camera do you use lovely? xx

  4. @Amelia, thanks! The rock was very yummy too!! :) xxx

  5. @Laura, thanks! I'm thinking I might turn it into a weekly thing, it'll get me taking more photos! :) xxx

  6. @Abbie, Thanks :) I use a Nikon D5000 xxx

  7. it looks like you had such a lovely week! i especially love the top three photographs - the sunset looks so beautiful!

    love, jazzabelle. xx

  8. @Tori, thanks! It was a really great week :) xxx

  9. @Jazzabelle, I did! Thank you :) xxx


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