11 August 2010

Trend report: Printed trousers

I’ve been inspired by Whitney Port’s outfits and am now on a mission to find the perfect printed pants.


I’m thinking of the first two Topshop trousers, they’ll work for the last few summer weeks and go right through winter.

What do you think of printed trousers? Love them or hate them?
Let me know!


  1. My mum bought a pair from River Island that were a zebra print in green and black. I think she is taking them back though cause my step dad doesn't like them. When I first seen them I was a bit put off but I've grown to them now. I think if I seen a nice cheap pair I would probably buy them. I like the pair Whitney Port has on the best, I'd definitely buy them. X

  2. i love the first topshop one! ♥

  3. I definitely don't hate them but totally unsure of how to wear them without looking like a crazy lady or a clown! I like the last pair from boohoo!
    love, www.xoxoavs.blogspot.com

  4. I think they would look good on someone tall with long legs like whitney but on me with my 4ft 11 average body i would look like a idiot!

  5. @Sophie, I think the only way to see if they look good is to try them on, you can always take them back if you deiced you don't like them :) xxx

  6. @Joanna, yeah they're my favorite too :) xxx

  7. @Avs, I'd probably just style them the same as in the trend photo with a really plain t-shirt/jumper :) xxx

  8. @Harpreet, yeah not everyone will like them :) I think it's the same with hareems, you either love them or hate them xxx

  9. Alexandra, yeah they totally would. I'm 5"5 but am still getting some, I like them too much to not :) xxx

  10. LOVE!! ♥
    I don't like them paired with a crop top, but they're definitely cute with a plain or funky t-shirt & some killer heels ;Dyy

  11. @Tori, I like how Whitney Port's styled them in the first photo. I ordered the first Topshop ones which came today and I love them! Would look amazing with killer heels :) xxx


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