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Week in photos 001

Sorry I’ve been so MIA this past week! My cousin came up for the week so we did loads of touristy things, we all had such a good time :) I’ve also been having problems with upgrading my flickr account which is really annoying! I’m going to use photobucket for now though as I have lots of posts lined up and I don’t know when it is going to be fixed.
001 Anglican Cathedral.
002 Sunset from the top of the Cathedral.
003 Albert Dock.
004 Tate for Picasso exhibition.
005  Gormley’s Another Place.
006 I love windshield mirror photos.
007 Messing round with my camera settings.
008 A stick of rock with my name on given to me from my cousin when she went to Blackpool.
009 Ikea to buy a stand for my TV and other bits and bobs.
Hope everyone had a good bank holiday weekend!

Giveaway winner :)

Thanks to everyone who entered, it was really fun to see which eyeshadow and lip stick everyone picked! I put all the entries into excel and then into and the winning number was 19. Which means that Megan at Two Turtle Doves is the winner!! Well done hun! I’m just sending you an email now :) Hope everyone’s having a good bank holiday! I have lots of posts planned/written but I’m having a little difficulty with flickr so please bare with me! xoxo

Primark Shoes

I love buying winter shoes and here are my two newest additions from Primark.

Worker boots £30
Ankle boots £15
Have you bought any shoes from Primark recently?

Pretty pictures at your fingertips :)

Gemma from Gem’s Maquillage blogged about this amazing website. It’s such a great website I thought I’d share it with you and some of the beautiful images I’ve found from it.You pick a colour or multiple colours and the website searches through creative commons images on flickr. I could spend hours looking through all the beautiful photos. Here’s what it looks like when selecting a lovely pink.This is the perfect site for someone who loves to upload pretty photos onto Tumblr and for someone looking for art inspirations. I know I’ll be using this a lot for my art work inspiration.xoxo

Topshop printed hareem trousers

From my printed trousers post I decided to buy these ones from Topshop for £38. They arrived the other day and I love them! As they are ruched at the bottom they fit my short legs perfectly! I love that they have pockets too, I’m really glad I bought them. I can’t wait to wear them with some killer heels for a night out and then a slouchy t-shirt for the day. This is also my first photo using my new tripod! xoxo

Want: Primark A/W 2010

You can see more from the A/W range here. What are you looking forward to seeing in Primark? xoxo

Naked coco de mer foam bath

This is another product that I got for my Birthday, can you tell I’ve been on a bit of a body care kick?? This is Naked’s coco de mer foam bath. RRP £3.99

This is a scent I can’t begin to describe, it smells amazing! As always I go to my mum to see what she thinks it smells like, she has a better sense of smell than me and my dad. She couldn’t pick out what it smelt of either. If you have smelt any of the coco de mer products let me know what you think it smells of! Once poured into running water you are left with everlasting creamy bubbles, they really do stay till the end of the bath. As you can see I’ve nearly ran out and will definitely be buying more. They don’t test on animals, have excluded nasty ingredients and you can recycle the packaging. What more could you ask for?! I bought this from Boots but there was a limited range, at least in the stores near me. I’d say go along and smell what they have and then take a look online. A lot of their different products have the same scents.…

Salt for your bath

My brother very kindly gave me these bath salts for my Birthday and thought I'd share them with you :) I haven't used bath salts for years but recently have really wanted to try them out again. These two where bought from from the brand Organic Formulations retailing at £4.99. The price is great as I’ve been using them for a good 2 months now and have used about a third. I use these when I want to have a relaxing bath but nothing too fussy.
Once opened you are overwhelmed by the powerful scents! There is no need to describe the scents, they smell of lavender & ylang ylang and rosewood and almond. Once dissolved in the bath the scents become quite subtle but really relaxing. Once out of the bath you can still smell the bath salts on your skin hours later.
He also gave me this wooden scooper which can be found here. It is the perfect size and looks really cute in my bathroom! I find that one scoop is perfect.
I’d definitely will be buying these again! I also want t…

Trend report: Printed trousers

I’ve been inspired by Whitney Port’s outfits and am now on a mission to find the perfect printed pants.

Topshop, Topshop, River Island, ASOS, BooHooBooHooBooHoo.
I’m thinking of the first two Topshop trousers, they’ll work for the last few summer weeks and go right through winter.
What do you think of printed trousers? Love them or hate them? Let me know! xoxo

DIY lip palette

Over the past month or so a couple of my lip sticks snapped so I decided to make my own lip palette. I have quite small lips so with some lip sticks it's easier to apply with a lip brush, therefore having a palette is perfect. It also means more space for other make-up if I take it away with me :) I know people have used eyeshadow palettes and water colour boxes but I bought this pill box from Muji for £1.50 which is a bargain! I wouldn't recommend getting it though if you want to use it as a lipstick palette. There are little gaps between the slots, which if you're not careful when pouring the lipstick, can mean a bit of a mess. I mastered a technique after the first two but it is a bit of a hassle and one that could be avoided by finding a box from somewhere else. As you can see two of them look a bit of a mess compared to the rest, that’s just because I didn’t melt all of the lipstick at the same time. Obviously once used the palette isn’t going to look as neat. For now I…

Shopping overview

Though I’d show you what I’ve bought over the past few weeks :)
I am now on a make-up spending ban until the end of the month where I’m getting a few things from Mac whilst I buy the giveaway prizes. I definitely need to stop buying so many lip products! My lip drawer’s getting fuller and fuller!
Swatches of everything will be up in the next few weeks, today wasn't a very good day for taking photos, really overcast and miserable.

My first gel eyeliner is Sleek’s ink pot in Dominatrix and I love the little eyeliner brush that comes with it. This is also my first tinted lip conditioner, I’m thinking of buying Macs version to see how they compare. This is Electro Peach, the colour looks quite scary but once on the lips give a nice subtle colour. It also smells amazing, very impressed with this and will definitely be buying more.

I bought these Models Own lip balms from the amazing ASOS sale, a couple of them are still available, with prices ranging from £1.75-£2.50 (normally £5). Clockw…

Want: Topshop

Moccasins, Ring, Pumps, Top 1, Shorts, Cardi, Top 2. I also really want a new Topshop blazer but haven’t decided what style I want yet. What are you lusting over from Tosphop? xoxo