New Barry M Lip gloss wands

I look advantage of the 30% off code and bought two new shades of the lip gloss wands. I love these lip glosses are they’re not sticky and have great pigmentation. These two new additions are no exception.

l-r: Strawberry milkshake 12, Coral 11.

Along with these two there are also 3 other new shades, bronze shimmer, peach sparkle and bubblegum glitter. I knew I’d love the two I’d ordered but I think I’ll have to swatch the other colours in store before buying.
Strawberry milkshake is a much more wearable colour for me than pastel pink, it’s less milky and more creamy, if that makes sense! In the tube you can see it’s full of finely milled fuchsia glitter but on the lips it isn’t noticeable.
The swatch on the website makes Coral look orange when in fact it’s pink with a hint of coral. It’s a gorgeous colour with no glitter or shimmer and one I’ll be wearing a lot this summer!
Once again these two smell delicious! Strawberry milkshake smells exactly that, strawberry milkshake! Very much like pastel pink. Coral also smells a lot like tropical tango does, of fruit starburst!
I’ll add swatches into this post tomorrow! I tried today but it’s so grey outside the swatches weren’t colour perfect.

Have you tried any of the new shades?


  1. Those shades look great for summer. Looking forward to seeing the swatches.

    Rachelle Xxx

  2. these are great! im gonna check this out myself! thanks for review! love this post! lovin your blog too!

  3. I love the coral toned one - very summery :)

  4. @Behindtheshoes, I'm still yet to take accurate photos of the swatches! Need a sunny day, it's been really grey out for ages now :(

    I will take them at some point though :) xxx

  5. @Louela, you definitely should! Thank you :) xxx

  6. @R May A, it's gorgeous isn't it?? :) xxx


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