First attempt at nail marbling

This is my first attempt at nail marbling and I’m pretty proud! My mum kindly let me experiment on her nails as I’m giving mine a rest at the moment, the tips have started to peel a bit.
She chose to have just her ring fingers marbled and then chose to paint the rest using the light blue :)
Polishes used:
ASOS paint by Ciate in Agyness
Barry M nail paint in Pale Turquoise
George in Frost bite
Anyone got any good tips for beginners? Know how to avoid bubbles in the polish? Which polishes work best? Let me know!


  1. this looks fab, I love the colours you used :) x

  2. stunning, you are so clever, this looks gorge!

  3. That is absolutely incredible!!!!! The design, the color combination, everything really. I'm a new follower!!

  4. That is so good! How did you do it! I've never hear of marbling, I might google it ha.
    I must have missed the page where it says take it in the shower, even though I've seen this girls of it. I might just flick some water drops onto the page, I can't imagine it going in the shower haha. But I feel bad cause it says be as wild as possible ;)
    I might post some pictures of it yeah, maybe my favourite ones :) X

  5. @DaisyBee, thank you! They work really well together don't they?? :) xxx

  6. @Rachel, aww thank you! I've wanted to try nail marbling for ages! :) xxx

  7. @Danielle, Hello new follower :) Thank you so much! Means a lot :) xxx

  8. @Sophie, it's really easy once you get the hang of mixing the colours and dipping your finger into the water!
    Here's a really good youtube channel for nail marbling
    she has some really good tip videos to watch for beginners!

    yeah that what I was thinking! haha I really couldn't put all that effort into the book and then getting it totally wet! I think I might post some photos on my art blog, maybe of the more visual looking ones :) xxx


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