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Ivi Scents

As it was my Birthday the other week it seemed right to try Ivi Scents and buy the Birthday Cake soap! I’ve watched a few YouTube videos about Ivi Scents and was really intrigued about the brand and their products. They don’t use SLS in any of their products which is perfect as I’m trying to cut it out of all the products I use. They describe their products as fresh nontoxic bath and body products!
The soap is packaged in such a cute way! Zebra print with a hot pink label, I really didn’t want to open it and spoil the packaging but the soap smelled too good not to :)

As you can see the soap is a very pale pink and is a great shape as it fits well in your hands. I really can’t get over the smell! It is amazing! It’s really sweet and does smell like Birthday cake but also reminds me of Ice cream flavoured chewits.
The soap lathers really well, not your traditional bubbles but more of a cream consistency which I prefer. It’s really moisturising too.

The soap costs $6.50 which is about £4 whic…

June favourites!

So this month I couldn’t think of any favourites apart from nail polishes! I’ve really gotten into nail polishes again after a few months of not wearing any.

If you want me to do a post on my nail polishes as my collection has grown significantly since I started this blog! Just leave a request in the comments :)
What are your favourites this month? Anyone else loving polishes? xoxo

New ring

New ring which I absolutely adore! Asos, £6.

Miracle moist tribe party

A bit of an overdue post but I had quite a few others already scheduled, better late then never though :)
Get ready to Set Sail Angels! You’ll find this island inland, On Suffolk st to be precise. We launch at the hour of 7pm; Think nautical, but nice…
When the postman gave this to me I seriously had no idea what it was! I was thinking to myself “what have I been ordering in my sleep!!” Once opened it was obvious what it was, my invite to the tribe party in Birmingham!

Once we were greeted by the lovely Emma my bag was flung in the corner and stayed there the whole night, hence none of my own photos! I sneakily took this next one from the tribe party flickr account, you can see all the other photos from the night here. As you can see we all had a good gossip with cocktails in hand while waiting for all the Angels and guests to arrive :)

We then all gathered around the two lovely hair dressers who told us some really useful techniques to make our hair look beautiful. They then demonstrated two…

Revlon Lilac Pastelle - NOTD

Horrible formula but gorgeous colour xoxo

My Birthday and my new love :)

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it’s been really busy!! I had such a great Birthday yesterday, it was a lovely day just spent with the family :)

I haven’t had one of these giant cookie cakes since junior school!!
What also made my Birthday better was the fact I finally had enough money to buy this baby! My DSLR :)

My parents are already getting sick of me taking photos of them and I’ve only had it for a day! haha :D It’s going to get it’s first proper outing Monday morning for the summer solstice where hopefully I’ll get some good sunrise shots!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend :)

Glamour Magazine

I think Benefit and Glamour have teemed up for the past two years (please correct me if I’m wrong!) and they’ve done it again this year! I’d previously only bought one magazine each year but I couldn’t pick between these three so I got them all :)
If bought on their own these would cost you £45 where as with the magazine it’s a lovely £6, bargain! Plus you get a good read out of the magazine and two to give to other people.

So we have an eyeliner, an eye brightener and a concealer, all full size. These are bigger than normal pencils so I need to find myself a larger sharpener. Have you managed to grab yourself all three? xoxo

DIY Sunday

Last Sunday I finished some DIY’s I’d been planning for a while so I though I’d share them with you :)
First of all my new denim shorts! I loved my bench jeans, I’ve had them for years but now they’re a bit too short for me and kind of shapeless. My style/taste has definitely changed since I bought these! I couldn’t throw them away though, I think I bought them for £10 along with a pair of black bench jeans for £1.

They originally had the destroyed feel to them but it seemed a bit too perfect so I took to the cheese grater and craft knife to make them a bit more rugged. I really like them as they’re sort of high waisted so will be perfect to pair with crop tops without showing too much skin.
I’ve had this cardi for a bout a year and have only worn it once! It was originally white but just didn’t suit my skin tone, I looked sort of dead in it! I loved the style, it’s really long and baggy = very comfy! I really didn’t want to throw it away so I dyed it a better colour. Navy Blue goes wi…

[A'kin] Hydrating Mist

This is the last product I was send by and has to be my favourite!

My skin hates the heat! My eczema flares up and I am likely to have a heat rash on my legs, not pleasant at all. This has been a life saver this month, especially the other weekend when England had a mini heat wave. It does smell of roses but also reminds me of a flower drink I used to make (and could actually drink) when I was little, it’s great as it brings back so many memories. I don’t usually like flower scents because of my hay fever, I feel like it’ll set it off even though it obviously wont :) With this though the scent is really refreshing and nice, it’s quite strong after you first spray it but then blends really nicely into your skin.
I use this on a daily basis in the mornings all over my body instead of a heavy moisturiser which is perfect as I don’t suffer from dry skin, despite my eczema.
I also carry it in my bag, the packaging is perfect, no leaking yet! The clear lid clicks into the bottle s…

May favourites

Sorry for the not so great photo! The sun is pretty much nonexistent today.

♥ Eyeko Nude Polish – I love this polish, it is my (temporary) replacement for OPI’s metro chic. ♥ Barry M Pale Purple – Such a lovely summer colour and has great staying power! ♥ Lush Olive Branch shower gel – Since my Yummy Yummy Yummy ran out at the start of this month I’ve been using this. Once again I use this to add a scent to a bath instead of a shower gel. ♥ Clinique High Lengths mascara – I won this for voting in an awards thing, it’s great to wear in the day for really natural lashes or combined with another mascara for a more dramatic look. ♥ [Akin] – I’ve been using this non stop ever since I received it! It’s great for a quick spray to cool yourself down or for in the mornings when I don’t want to apply a thick moisturiser. ♥ Miners Sweet Lips lipglosses – I’ve been using these so much this month, they’re great for when I don’t really want to wear any colour on my lips but a bit of gloss and they smel…