I’m back from Barcelona :)

I’m back home in not so sunny England! I had such a great time in Barcelona and it was a much needed break, not just for me but for my parents as well :)
A lot of the photos I took are for future use in art projects so I wont bore you with hundreds of photos! Here’s just a few :)
I’m off to the post office tomorrow to pick up all my parcels which I’ve missed so expect a few buying posts and my April favourites.

It was raining on the morning we were meant to go to Park Guell so we went to the Chocolate Museum instead as it was right by our apartment. It was actually really good! We got a bit of chocolate too, tasted so good! :)
It was a really interesting exhibition for any chocolate lover and the chocolate models were amazing!
IMG_1631IMG_1633IMG_1638IMG_1640IMG_1644IMG_1648IMG_1649IMG_1650IMG_1652It’s up! This was by far my favourite :)
The sun came back out in the afternoon so we went to Gaudi’s Le Sagrada Familia which was amazing! I love Gaudi and was the main reason I wanted to visit Barcelona :) I really hope that I can come back and see the finished thing!
On the wettest day while we were there we ventured out to Casa Batllo which was once again amazing!IMG_1802
I loved Parc Guell as one of my GCSE projects was based on this house!
Can you believe that those figures are made out of chocolate?! And how beautiful the cathedral is?!


  1. woah, awesome buildings!

  2. @Miley, they're fantastic aren't they :) xx

  3. Glad you had a lovely holiday. An wowsers at how good all the chocolate looks! x

  4. @It really was! I haven't been away with my parents for a couple of years so that was really nice :) xxx


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