First impressions on Superdrug MUA

I made an order of a few pieces from the new range at Superdrug and this is what I got :)
Nail polishes: no.18, no.4, no.5
Eye shadows: no.11, no.12, no.4
Lipsticks: no.4, no.6
Lip gloss: no.2
Blusher: no.1
So just a quick over view:
♥ I like all the packaging apart from the blusher which feels cheap.
♥ Light pink polish is very sheer, more French manicure. The other 2 are great.
♥ Eye shadows are really pigmented and I’ll definitely be buying more.
♥ Bright pink lipstick is very sheer but other is very pigmented.
♥ Lip gloss smells great, colour not so much.
♥ The blusher is a lovely colour in pan and swatched on the finger but once brushed onto the cheeks just fades to glitter and has a lot of fall out.

Over all, I’d say you should go to a store and swatch everything as I’d probably only have bought half of what I got if I’d done that. I am going to go to a store though and see if the rest of the eye shadows are as good as these and see what the other lipsticks are like.

Have you bought any of this range? What did you get and what do you think of it?


  1. I seem to have got on better with the blusher than you! Same shade and everything, I didn't like it at first, but it's grown on me, not too shimmery on my cheeks or anything, and subtle but you can still see it's there. I got shade 3, 12 and 15 I think, of the polishes and 3 and 12 are great, the other one is very good for Konad!

    Glitter eyeliner= nice, layered with something else over the top

    Lippy= quite impressed!

    Gloss= average.

    Overall I quite like the range, will be buying more polishes and lipstick I think! xx

  2. @Rachel, maybe it's just my skin haha I wouldn't be surprised! Maybe I should try it over a cream blush, that way the powder might stick better?! It is a lovely colour swatched on my hand though.

    I went into town today and went to two different superdrugs and neither had mua! I was so annoyed, I was all ready to do some epic swatching and buying :( xx


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