31 May 2010

Kosmea Eight Natural Wonder serum

As I’m only 19, soon to be 20, I didn’t feel like I could give this anti aging serum a proper review so my mum quickly swooped in and said she’d love to try it.
I have a few little thoughts from using it once so here’s my first thoughts review.
I don’t like the pump, it doesn’t allow you to pump a little bit of product out, you have to push it all the way down. I love the scent! I was quite surprised to see a normal looking cream instead of a gel like formula which I associate with serums. I really loved the smell, reminded me of Liz Earle products.

Anyway here’s my mums first debut on my blog!
“My daughter passed this product on to me to review.
I really do like it; the smell of roses is wonderful. The cream soaks in well and doesn’t leave any film on the surface of the skin. I use it morning and night and my face feels smoother, softer and a lot less dry. I think my wrinkles are less noticeable because of this. I haven’t had to use any other moisturiser while using the Kosmea face serum. I don’t wear make up so I don’t know how other products would sit on it.
A pump action dispenser is a good idea and it fits well in the hand. One pump is enough for a full face application, but you can’t adjust the pressure so that a smaller amount comes out.
I have only used it for a fortnight and don’t know how much longer it will last, so I can’t comment yet on its value for money. Usually I wouldn’t spend £25 on a serum but this has got me thinking.”
I think I’ll update this once she’s finished the bottle as I think that could be quite important, like how long the bottle lasted and any other results.
Disclaimer: I was sent this to review as part of a bloggers panel for Mypure.co.uk, this will not and has not influenced my opinion on this product. All my reviews are honest.

30 May 2010

A bit of shopping

I did a bit of retail shopping on Friday as Wednesday wasn’t a very good day! Job interview  + migraine = bad times :(
I didn’t manage to find Barry M’s mushroom in either Superdrug or Boots but I did get some of the other polishes I’d been after for a while. As you can see I took full advantage of the Superdrug/Boots 3 for 2 offer!
Revlon Minted (028), Revlon Lilac Pastelle (031), Barry M Berry Ice Cream (308), Barry M Pale Turquoise (295), Barry M Pale Pink (309) and finally Barry M Pink Iridescent (264).

These three polishes were found at a car boot sale last week for a mere 50p for all three. There were more Nails Inc but as I was asking how much the polishes were a sneaky woman bought them, I wasn’t happy! haha
Nails Inc Elizabeth Street, Barry M Bright Pink (279) and Barry M Gold (289).

Barry m’s lip gloss wands smell amazing but this orange one has to be the nicest! It smells of starburst! It looks scary in the tube but worn lightly it can look lovely. Not so sure about the toffee one, once again it smells divine but I wish it didn’t have so much shimmer in it. I love these Revlon glosses too, they are so pigmented and perfect summer colours.
1. Barry M Palest Lavender lip paint (129)
2. Revlon Peach Petal lip gloss (150)
3.Revlon Lilac Pastelle lip gloss (200)
4. Revlon Pink Pop lip gloss (180)
5. Revlon Coral Reef lip gloss (170)
6. Barry M Baby Pink lip paint (100)
7. Revlon Pink Pout lipstick (002)
8. Barry M Peachy pink lip paint (147)
9. Barry M Tropical Tango lip wand (6)
10. Barry M Toffee lip wand (2)

Sorry I seam to be doing so many shopping posts! I’ve got some NOTD’s and reviews lined up so they’ll be posted soon :)

28 May 2010

Lovea's Moroccan Argan Brilliance Shine Shampoo

I’m trying to cut all the bad ingredients out of products I use and shampoos have been the hardest! Unlike skin care, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on hair care so finding a cheap alternative was quite hard to do. Once I found one I found a million!
I wanted to finish the bottle of shampoo I was currently using before opening this one so I was able to read a couple of reviews which made me more excited to use it and put my own two scents out there.
I’ve been using it for about two weeks now so here’s my quick but thorough review:
♥ I like the packaging, perfect colours for this lovely weather we are having
♥ A bit more of the information on the back to be in English would be preferred
♥  Love the smell but can’t quite pin point it
♥  It’s runny but I personally prefer that in a shampoo
♥  Lathers just as well as my other shampoos. It won’t lather as well as say Herbal Essence as it doesn’t contain SLS which is the lathering agent used usually
♥  Hair felt nice and clean afterwards
♥  My sensitive/eczema prone scalp wasn’t irritated at all
♥  Not so sure my hair looked shinier, it’s hard to tell with my curly/natural hair
♥  £4.99 for 200ml, about the average price I’ve found for this type of shampoo
Overall I really like it, I’d have to try the conditioner first to see if I’d buy it myself as I like using the two together. IF the conditioner is as good I’d definitely buy them both.
More information about this product can be found here.
If your looking into changing your routines to something more natural and organic then mypure is a great website! It sells everything you could imagine and so many different brands. I’ve put some of the bath salts on my Birthday wish list which I really want to try. You can also buy samples which is a really good idea, I ordered a shamp/cond sample when I was first started trying to change my products.
Are you one of the bloggers who have reviewed this? Link me to your review!
Have you ordered from Mypure before??
Disclaimer: I was sent this to review as part of a bloggers panel for Mypure.co.uk, this will not and has not influenced my opinion on this product. All my reviews are honest.

27 May 2010

Miners Sweet lips

I saw these on Laurens blog and liked the sound of them smelling like calpol!
L-R: Melba, Cady Love, Blancmange
There wasn’t any swatches on Laurens blog of the lip glosses but now I have them I can see why. They aren’t pigmented at all! They look lovely in the tube but basically come out clear.
This isn’t a big problem for me as they smell lovely and are so smooth! They are great glosses for layering over lipsticks when you don’t want to hide the colour.
They are only £2.99 as well and come in such cute packaging! I’ll definitely be buying more once they run out :)

21 May 2010

First impressions on Superdrug MUA

I made an order of a few pieces from the new range at Superdrug and this is what I got :)
Nail polishes: no.18, no.4, no.5
Eye shadows: no.11, no.12, no.4
Lipsticks: no.4, no.6
Lip gloss: no.2
Blusher: no.1
So just a quick over view:
♥ I like all the packaging apart from the blusher which feels cheap.
♥ Light pink polish is very sheer, more French manicure. The other 2 are great.
♥ Eye shadows are really pigmented and I’ll definitely be buying more.
♥ Bright pink lipstick is very sheer but other is very pigmented.
♥ Lip gloss smells great, colour not so much.
♥ The blusher is a lovely colour in pan and swatched on the finger but once brushed onto the cheeks just fades to glitter and has a lot of fall out.

Over all, I’d say you should go to a store and swatch everything as I’d probably only have bought half of what I got if I’d done that. I am going to go to a store though and see if the rest of the eye shadows are as good as these and see what the other lipsticks are like.

Have you bought any of this range? What did you get and what do you think of it?

19 May 2010

What I won from Flake

I think I’ve bought 2 packs of six flakes and won with 4 of them! It took a while as the website kept on crashing which was really annoying, I wanted to see if I’d won!
So I chose two lipsticks and two lip glosses. My plan was if I won any others I’d do a little giveaway but my asda has stopped selling the Benefit ones and are back to the boring flakes :(
l-r: La La Land, Do Tell, Life On The A List, Fresh Squeezed.
L-R: La La Land, Do Tell
L-R: La La Land, Do Tell, Fresh Squeezed, Life On The A List
The lipsticks were really hard to photograph in the bullet but the swatches represent the true colours, I’ll post photos of them on the lips at a later date. As you can see they are super pigmented, this is only two swipes! They are both really creamy and non drying on the lips.
I already own one Benefit lip gloss which I love, the formula is great and these two are exactly the same! A list is less pigmented but looks great layered on other lipsticks. Fresh squeezed looks great on it’s own  or layered and is a great colour for spring and summer. These both have shimmer to them but not chunky glitter. The only thing I don’t like about these is the wand, it’s a doe foot applicator but is longer than usual. I think these glosses would work better with a brush.
Have you won any of the Benefit products??

15 May 2010

Two lovely tops from H&M

I bought these two tops to take away with me on holiday and I really love them :)
They’re both from H&M, one from the Garden Collection and the other their normal range. I went to the bigger H&M where I live and there was literally 6 pieces left from the Garden Collection and only 1 size in each which was really disappointing! I should have gone sooner as I’d fallen in love with a few of the pieces on the website.
I did find this top though! It was one of the ones I liked from the website but … it was size 16 which is far too big for me, or so I thought! I tried it on and as I can make the ties below the bust as tight or loose as I want it looked great :) It looks great with shorts, leggings and jeans and makes me feel all happy and summery while wearing it. Another great thing about it is that it’s made out of 100% recycled polyester! It got it’s first outing when we went walking down The Rambla’s.
Whilst walking to the till I fell in love with this t-shirt too! I love stripes and I love shoulder embellishments so this is one perfect top :) It’s baggy which is my favourite style and is long enough to wear with leggings. Annoyingly though, the chains on the shoulders set off the security alarms in the airport, I had to be patted down, take my jumper and shoes off and then the lady used the hand held detector thing. Note to self: do not wear it to the airport again, too much hassle :)
A little close up of the shoulders :)
I haven’t bought clothes from H&M for ages! But after finding these two gems I’m definitely going to have to go in more often!

10 May 2010

April Favourites


This is my first monthly favourites post but I'm not sure how well this will go as my favourite products don’t really change but I’ll try!
Lush Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel – This month I’ve slowly been adding in bath/shower products into my routines as my eczema is much better at the moment. I’ve been adding a little bit of this into baths to scent them rather than using it as a shower  gel. I’ve not got much left so this is a good way to use it slowly. I think this is one of the products that Lush is discontinuing but I’m still not sure if I’m going to re-purchase this once it’s ran out as I’m trying to take sls/parabens out of the products I use.
Liz Earle Eye Bright – For Christmas I got a small bottle of this in a kit and loved it instantly! It is by far the best eye make-up remover I’ve tried. It can also be used as an eye treatment to brighten up and soothe your eyes. I’ve been without it for about a month but finally bought a new bottle at the start of April.
Dermol Lotion and Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion – The dermol lotion is my substitute for soap as prescribed by my doctor and dermatologist. The combination of the two have changed my skin so much! My elbows are no longer dry which is a miracle.
Tray of soaps from Amy’s soap store – I love my little soap dish that I bought from Etsy which holds the soaps I ordered from Amy. All three are really great soaps which I’ve been using all month and I’m already planning my next order since she added new products!
DNKY Be Delicious perfume – This is one of my new perfumes along with DNKY’s Fresh Blossom and is my current perfume choice. It’s a great spring scent which I wore everyday in Barcelona, every time I smell it, it brings back memories :)
Barry M Fabulous Kohl Pencil in black – This was one of the prizes in Steph’s giveaway that I won and it is amazing! It is so pigmented and stays for hours on the waterline.
♥  Mac Palette and depotting – I finally bought a Mac palette this month and have loved it! I’ve been depotting all my shadows that will fit in it. I really like space saving ideas and as I have a Mac quad palette I can take a couple of shadow with me instead of the whole palette.
Sorry this is a bit late! I was in Barcelona for the end of March and start of April but I’ll make sure next months is on time :)

Disclaimer: I have been accepted on to the AVEENO Discoverer Programme, helping to spread the word about AVEENO products. I get send free AVEENO samples and have the possibility of being rewarded with additional benefits.

09 May 2010

I’m back from Barcelona :)

I’m back home in not so sunny England! I had such a great time in Barcelona and it was a much needed break, not just for me but for my parents as well :)
A lot of the photos I took are for future use in art projects so I wont bore you with hundreds of photos! Here’s just a few :)
I’m off to the post office tomorrow to pick up all my parcels which I’ve missed so expect a few buying posts and my April favourites.

It was raining on the morning we were meant to go to Park Guell so we went to the Chocolate Museum instead as it was right by our apartment. It was actually really good! We got a bit of chocolate too, tasted so good! :)
It was a really interesting exhibition for any chocolate lover and the chocolate models were amazing!
IMG_1631IMG_1633IMG_1638IMG_1640IMG_1644IMG_1648IMG_1649IMG_1650IMG_1652It’s up! This was by far my favourite :)
The sun came back out in the afternoon so we went to Gaudi’s Le Sagrada Familia which was amazing! I love Gaudi and was the main reason I wanted to visit Barcelona :) I really hope that I can come back and see the finished thing!
On the wettest day while we were there we ventured out to Casa Batllo which was once again amazing!IMG_1802
I loved Parc Guell as one of my GCSE projects was based on this house!
Can you believe that those figures are made out of chocolate?! And how beautiful the cathedral is?!

08 May 2010

Review: Lush Ceridwyn’s Cauldron bath melt

Just a quick Lush review which has been sitting in my drafts for months. I can't post anything else at the moment as I'm still away but I've got a lot of posts half written I just need to take the photos :)
Ceridwyn's Cauldron
Lush describes this as “Magical, relaxing melt for softer skin. It could be the ultimate bathing experience, but we won't know that until we finish inventing them. For now, it's as wonderful as you can get. We recommend lots of candles around the bathroom and the phone turned off for this one. Each melt is wrapped in muslin, dipped in wild flowers and tied with a ribbon. According to the spell it is based on, if you spit three times in the water, your wish will come true. Cocoa butter and walnut oil melt into the bathwater, frothing slightly, leaving you a muslin bag of whole oats to give your skin a soothing and gently-scented scrub. It's truly lovely.”
What I think: I would usually split the bath melts in two but as this was inside a muslin cloth I decided to use it whole in the bag. I didn't really want bits floating round in my bath, the clean up afterwards would just be a pain. Apparently it is flowers inside but it looked like oats to me. Lush says it froths slightly but I didn’t find that at all, it melted quite slowly turning the bath cloudy/milky. The scent reminded me of the dreamtime bath melt, really soothing and calming, perfect for relaxing before bed. Lush also says you can use the melt at a scrub which I didn't do with this one but I am going to try it with the next one I buy.

Price: £3.95

Re-buy: Yes

05 May 2010

Barcelona Zoo

I love going to the zoo and so do my parents so Barcelona Zoo was on the list of things to do :)
I couldn’t believe how close you could get to the animals! You could feed the llama’s and the hippo’s were literally a step away with no proper fence. You can see in my photos just how close we could get! None of them are on zoom! There was also a dolphin show which was great, I’ve never been to one before! I couldn’t take any good photos as I didn’t want to spend the whole time looking at the camera and missing the show :)
I've kept these photos small as there’s going to be a lot! Click the photos to see them bigger :)
IMG_1491IMG_1504IMG_1507 IMG_1511IMG_1512IMG_1513IMG_1518IMG_1521IMG_1525    If you click on this photo with the seagull you can see it’s little spotty baby! So cute!
IMG_1527IMG_1531IMG_1537 IMG_1540IMG_1543IMG_1551IMG_1556IMG_1560IMG_1565IMG_1572IMG_1578IMG_1594IMG_1599IMG_1600IMG_1605IMG_1610IMG_1611IMG_1616IMG_1617IMG_1627           Well done if you’ve looked through each photo! There is a lot :)
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