George nail polishes

It feels like I haven’t posted for such a long time, I’ve been particularly busy this week! I went down to London for a uni interview on Wednesday but hated the course so it seemed like such a waste of time :( At least I’ve loved all my other course choices though! I’ve also failed miserably with the 30 day challenge so I think I’ll stop it for now and maybe carry on with it at a later date :)

I’ve wanted to try these polishes ever since I saw them pop up in the blogging world. Me and my family do the weekly shop in Asda so I was all excited about getting some, did they have any? no!
Our local Asda is quite big and has a good isle for make-up and beauty but no George stand. Me and mum went to a different Asda to pick up a few bits so I went and had a look if I could find them.
And voila!
l-r: 15 natural rose, 33 sherbet fizz, 34 be mine, 20 lavender, 35 frost bite, 9 cloudless sky.

This is the best photo I took which showed the truest colour apart from the darker pink which is slightly more brighter irl.

I was really tempted to get some of the darker shades and mattes but I stopped my self and bought some lovely pastel shades, great for spring and summer. I can easily go back in the Autumn and pick up some more :)
As usual these will all pop up in NOTD’s with mini reviews.


  1. I really want to get these polishes the colours looks so lovely!
    I need to get to Asdaaaa!! x

  2. @Abbie They're such lovely colours but some haven't got the best formulation, I used the darker blue on Friday and it started to peel/chip yesturday (Saturday) which isn't very good. The light blue lasted much longer though :) xx

  3. The colours are amazing, I need to stock up my nail varnish collection.

  4. @Rosie, you should! They're really cheap and there's a lovely colour selection :) xx

  5. hey there,

    I'm a new follower from Vancouver Canada.

    I love these pastel colored nail polishes!

  6. Thanks for following! They're gorgeous aren't they :) xx

  7. wow, George are doing nail varnish now? Seems like everyone's jumping on the bandwagon! They look like great colours, though. How much were they? xx

  8. @My new favourite thing, They've got a whole make-up range!! They were £1.50, I have heard some are only £1 but no the ones I bought :) xx

  9. wow so tempting! I need to find a asda nearby asap :)

  10. @Get Gawjus, I need to go back to get some more haha :) xx

  11. Oh I love these nail polishes.
    I agree with you about some having worse formulations. Never the less I still love them, great post :D x

  12. @Raspberry Kiss, I love them too :) and those with the dodgy formulas I still use just as much as I don't mind switching my polish after a day or two :) xx


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