Barcelona here I come :)

I'm off to Barcelona for just under two weeks and I haven't had time to schedule some posts sorry! If I have a bit of spare time in the airport I might schedule some of my drafts. I don't think there is an internet connection in our apartment but I'm going to find an internet cafe somewhere so I'll be able to check up on blogger a couple of times :) I'm also waiting to hear back from two uni's to see if I got onto the courses so I need internet for that too.

Hope you all have a wonderful two weeks and I'll speak to you when I'm back :)
No doubt I'll be sharing some holiday snaps with you!


  1. Have a great time sweets and good luck with those Unis!


  2. safe trip & cant wait for your travel post next!

  3. Have fun hun !
    You'll love it, its an amazing place.
    But watch your bags, someone stole my mam's when I went then tried to mug us :O
    Anyway...It's full of beautiful sights, hope you have a fab time x

  4. @May, thanks! It's great so far :) xx

  5. @Sozbelle, thank you :) I'll try and take some good photos then! There's lots of street artists which I'm going to take photos of, really funny xx

  6. @Raspberry kiss, yeah my mum and dad have been before but I never went so they wanted to come back with me as I love Gaudi's work :)

    aww that's horrible! The bag I'm using for walking around during the day is quite hard to get into without me noticing and if were in crowded areas I keep it in-front of me so I can see it, hopefully I'll be ok :) xx


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