My first Mac palette + day 03

Look what the lovely DHL man gave me yesterday :D
I’ve been meaning to buy a Mac palette for a few weeks but didn’t really want to pay for delivery so I used the free shipping code last weekend and it finally arrived.
IMG_1395 I have to say for some reason I thought in my head it was going to be bigger but I do love it!

And here is my palette so far ♥
Top row: 02 eye shimmer (The Body Shop), Barely There (NYX).
Middle row: Goldmine, Dazzlelight, Bisque, Champagne (NYX), Root Beer (NYX).
Bottom row: Et Tu Bouquet?, Sweet Lush, Girlie.
I have a few non Mac in there as they fit in nicely and I use them quite a bit, especially TBS one, with other shadows so it makes it easier.

I depotted 6 of them myself so here’s a mini step-by-step if you don’t know how but want to give it a try. It’s really easy and actually quite fun :)
Click to enlarge
Photo 1 – Take a sharp knife and slot it into the little gap aiming down.
Photo 2 - If you push the knife in a little bit the pan should pop out.
Photo 3 – Switch on your hair straightner  and place your eyeshadow pan onto one of the plates. If you want you can place a piece of baking paper underneath the eyeshadow to protect  your straightners, mine are only a cheap £3 pair so I didn’t bother. I left the pan there until I heard a little popping noise and knew it was ready to take off.
Photo 4 – The pan will be hot so be careful when touching it. Place it upside down on a piece of kitchen towel and using some thing sharp, press on the little hole in the pan. I used a mini screwdriver which is a good size, I found a needle too small.
Photo 5 – The eyeshadow pan should easily fall out of the plastic but still be careful as it is really hot!!
Photo 5.5 – I haven’t got any magnets at the moment but this is when you’d stick yours on. If it isn’t self adhesive then you can stick it on whilst the glue is still hot but if it is you will have double the amount of glue :)
Photo 6 – So you don’t forget the name/finish of your shadow you can re-use the original label. All you have to do is place the pot onto your straightners for a few seconds and peel it off and stick onto your magnet.

Also you can now take your empty pots back to Mac for a free lipstick if you have 6! :D
Day 03 — Your favourite television program
Greys Anatomy – I absolutely love it and have watched every episode so far :) Cristina is hilarious and I did cry when George died :(


  1. Ooh pretty palette so far! Thanks for the mini tutorial on how to depot.. i haven't done it before but plan to soon so this post will come in handy :)


  2. Glad you like it :) I know there are a lot of depotting tutorials already but thought I'd do my own in case anyone hadn't seen one :) xx

  3. I love your blog and your handy tips :)
    I just tagged you on my blog:


  4. Aww thanks Pea! I'll write my answers now and post it tomorrow :) xx

  5. I love seeing mac palette posts as I only have a few eyeshadows and always like looking at swatches for more. The only one I have the same as you is Girlie but i'm really liking the colour of some of the others. x

  6. @Lu I've managed to fill this one and have bought another one, I went on a bit of a depotting day! I put in whatever shadows would fit but it makes storage so much easier!!


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