I ♥ Spring!

I love spring time and am looking forward to it so much! I do love winter weather but spring, along with autumn, are the best times for taking photos of nature.
Camera 580 copy This is one of the photos I took last year for college.
I love going down to my local park and taking photos of all the lovely flowers which have started to bloom. Spring seems to have the best lighting, it’s not too bright but just right (aha a little bit of rhyming for you :) ).
The only thing I don’t really like about spring it the transition in clothes. I love wrapping up warm in winter with all the layers and then in summer wearing little floaty dresses.
I always have a problem with what to wear! This is where you come in :) What do you wear for spring?


  1. Spring is great. I try to wear as little as possible, lounging around at home in your underwear is so nice.

  2. Yey I love Spring esp when you can see lambs - so cute :D

  3. hey hun, I tagged you on my blog=) x

  4. @Pink flower I saw lots of lambs when I was on the train to Birmingham yesterday, so cute! xx

    @Stella thanks hun, I'll fill it out tomorrow :) xx


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