A day out to the zoo

It was such a lovely spring day out today so me and my mum decided to go to Chester Zoo as we had nothing else planned. We also managed to find a 30% off voucher which was really good.

These are just some of the photos I took, I’m planning on going back when I get my new Nikon camera to test it out :)

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IMG_1332 This bird was so funny! We stood by the cage for ages and it was just sitting up in the tree and as soon as I pulled my camera out my bag it flew down and perched right by the glass. Voila, perfect! If only there was no reflection.


Erm lazy kangaroo's I’d like a picture of yous standing up please

IMG_1341I really loved the red panda’s :)

IMG_1357 IMG_1369 IMG_1371 IMG_1377 IMG_1381 IMG_1384 Another one that wanted to pose for the photo!

IMG_1385 They were getting fed a loaf of bread before going into the house for the night :)

It was so sunny which made the day even better, it was my first outing for my sunglasses this year and I loved it.

Any of you been to the zoo recently??



  1. Been over a year since I last went to the zoo - went to check out London Zoo man was it busy though. I totally love Edinburgh zoo - the animals seem to have loads of space and their kolas are oh so cute!

  2. @Pink Flower, I know I haven't been the zoo for years, I think the last one I went to was in Amsterdam.
    Yeah I can imagine the London one to be busy, luckily Chester was quite empty so it was like you where the only one there :) xxx

  3. just came across your blog and I love it :)
    I looove the zoo! I believe our zoo in Columbus is quite famous, actually.
    The giraffe is so cute :)

  4. @Ashley, Thank you, that means a lot :)

    I really need to go to more zoo's! I'm hoping to go to one in Barcelona soon xx

    @Charlie me too! I'm a big animal person xx

  5. I've been to chester zoo. I could watch the orangutans all day (and I nearly did lol) x

  6. @Lu the orangutans are my favourite! Along with all the other monkeys :) xx


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