Asos nail paints

I was reading This is Caz’s post on her ASOS nail polish haul and really liked the sound of the ASOS Paint by Ciate in Mary-Kate. It is a black polish with gold glitter, I haven’t got a polish like this in my collection so I thought about getting it. I then saw the price £1.50! I could not resist and it swiftly went into my basket, I also bought Agyness which is a purple metallic.
IMG_1302 l-r: Mary-Kate, Agyness
Full price these polishes cost £6 but due to the sale I got 2 polishes and delivery for less £5. Score!
The packaging is so cute! They are quite small though but I guess I can look at that as a good thing. I never seem to finish polishes before they dry out, especially my OPI’s.
These where so hard to photograph! In the bottle Mary-Kate looks like any other black polish with gold glitter but on the nail the glitter is more like flakies. It is beautiful!
IMG_1305 Agyness is a less stand out shade. It is a shimmery purple which could be easily duped but I don’t have a purple like this in my collection so I’m happy :)
NOTD’s will be posted in the following weeks along with reviews.
I ordered these a month ago so I doubt they still have them in stock, sorry!

Day 08 — A photo that makes you angry/sad
I love this photo, it makes me really sad though as I miss my friends so much :)



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