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Aveeno Discoverers Programme

After reading Victoria’s review on Aveeno’s hand cream and moisturising creamy oil I checked out the Aveeno Discoverers Programme which she mentioned at the end of her post.

I’d heard of the brand Aveeno through my Eczema research and finding brands/products that work for eczema prone skin. I was also given an Aveeno leaflet when I first visited my dermatologist so I already knew quite a bit about the brand itself but not so much about what the actual products are like.

I read through their website and decided to apply and a week later I heard that I was accepted into the programme. “What is the Aveeno Discoverers Programme?
We are very passionate about our products, naturally active ingredients and scientific production processes. We are also proud that our products can help people overcome their dry skin and maintain it at a beautiful, healthier state everyday, in an enjoyable and gentle way.
Based on a lot of feedback we have received, we understand that our products ca…

Asos nail paints

I was reading This is Caz’s post on her ASOS nail polish haul and really liked the sound of the ASOS Paint by Ciate in Mary-Kate. It is a black polish with gold glitter, I haven’t got a polish like this in my collection so I thought about getting it. I then saw the price £1.50! I could not resist and it swiftly went into my basket, I also bought Agyness which is a purple metallic. l-r: Mary-Kate, Agyness Full price these polishes cost £6 but due to the sale I got 2 polishes and delivery for less £5. Score! The packaging is so cute! They are quite small though but I guess I can look at that as a good thing. I never seem to finish polishes before they dry out, especially my OPI’s. These where so hard to photograph! In the bottle Mary-Kate looks like any other black polish with gold glitter but on the nail the glitter is more like flakies. It is beautiful! Agyness is a less stand out shade. It is a shimmery purple which could be easily duped but I don’t have a purple like this in my collect…

My first Mac palette + day 03

Look what the lovely DHL man gave me yesterday :D I’ve been meaning to buy a Mac palette for a few weeks but didn’t really want to pay for delivery so I used the free shipping code last weekend and it finally arrived. I have to say for some reason I thought in my head it was going to be bigger but I do love it!
And here is my palette so far ♥ Top row: 02 eye shimmer (The Body Shop), Barely There (NYX). Middle row: Goldmine, Dazzlelight, Bisque, Champagne (NYX), Root Beer (NYX). Bottom row: Et Tu Bouquet?, Sweet Lush, Girlie. I have a few non Mac in there as they fit in nicely and I use them quite a bit, especially TBS one, with other shadows so it makes it easier.
I depotted 6 of them myself so here’s a mini step-by-step if you don’t know how but want to give it a try. It’s really easy and actually quite fun :) Click to enlarge Photo 1 – Take a sharp knife and slot it into the little gap aiming down. Photo 2 - If you push the knife in a little bit the pan should pop out. Photo 3 – Switch on yo…

Thank you so much Steph :)

I woke up to this amazing box of goodies today as I won Steph’s giveaway.
If you aren’t already following her then get on over to her blog!  Topshop Princess I love her blog name, I want to be a Topshop princess :)
She is currently on the look out for someone to do an international swap with so if you live outside the UK but want some of  our exclusive brands like Sleek, Barry M and Gosh, go and comment her!
I’ve only took one photo as there is so much and I’m sure everything will pop up in my blog soon whether it's monthly favourites, NOTD’s or reviews.
Thanks again Steph xoxo

A day out to the zoo

It was such a lovely spring day out today so me and my mum decided to go to Chester Zoo as we had nothing else planned. We also managed to find a 30% off voucher which was really good.These are just some of the photos I took, I’m planning on going back when I get my new Nikon camera to test it out :)Click the images to enlarge This bird was so funny! We stood by the cage for ages and it was just sitting up in the tree and as soon as I pulled my camera out my bag it flew down and perched right by the glass. Voila, perfect! If only there was no reflection.Erm lazy kangaroo's I’d like a picture of yous standing up pleaseI really loved the red panda’s :) Another one that wanted to pose for the photo! They were getting fed a loaf of bread before going into the house for the night :)It was so sunny which made the day even better, it was my first outing for my sunglasses this year and I loved it.Any of you been to the zoo recently??xoxo

Book review: The last song by Nicholas Sparks

This is my first time writing down a book review so bare with me, I will try and not give any of the plot details away :)
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book despite that I cried like a baby at the end. I liked the way each chapter was from the different characters points of view so it felt like you got to know each one equally.  I think the main reason I liked this book is that I related to Ronnie so much. I haven’t moved to a new city like she has but I have felt out of place and unhappy with the direction my life was going. My friends have all gone to different cities for University just like Ronnie has left her best friend, Kayla, back in New York. From this we’ve both gotten closer to our families and it really touched me. Reading this book has also made me want to spend my summer in an unknown place by the beach so badly! I think I may have to save up now so I can, just me, my camera, a little cottage right on the beach and some new adventures, it sounds perfect!
My though…

I ♥ Spring!

I love spring time and am looking forward to it so much! I do love winter weather but spring, along with autumn, are the best times for taking photos of nature. This is one of the photos I took last year for college. I love going down to my local park and taking photos of all the lovely flowers which have started to bloom. Spring seems to have the best lighting, it’s not too bright but just right (aha a little bit of rhyming for you :) ). The only thing I don’t really like about spring it the transition in clothes. I love wrapping up warm in winter with all the layers and then in summer wearing little floaty dresses. I always have a problem with what to wear! This is where you come in :) What do you wear for spring? xoxo