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My first Ebay purchase

I love Ebay and have bought and sold before but always used my mums account when I should have really used my own and nabbed those all important first few stars.
I took the plunge a few weeks ago and ordered for the first time on my account. I bought the OPI mini pack of 4 polishes which makes up the Alice in wonderland collection from Jolie Beauty Store. I chose this seller as Laura (Lollipop26) mentioned she buys her polishes from her, she also has really good feedback. The only downside is if you don’t have any stars yet, like me, you can only buy one thing. To be able to make another order you have to have 2 or more feedback. She seems to have disappeared  though but hopefully she’ll be back as her prices where so good!
I love the mini bottles not only are they so cute but they also give you a chance to use colours you wouldn’t necessarily use a whole bottle of (for me one of the reds). Each polish is 3.75ml (normal size is 15ml) It cost me around £10 including postage which is rea…

My first Mac palette

I’ve always been tempted to buy something from Wayne’s blog sales (Gossmakeupartist) as they are always so cheap! His last sale I took the plunge and bought a Mac eye shadow quad for only £13 including first class shipping! Amazing price! If I were to re-buy these I would have to pay £34.50! I was torn between two quads but didn’t want to get both as they were very similar.
These are my first Mac eye shadows and I’m super excited to use them! I will take photos of swatches tomorrow when I can use natural light to try and show the right colour.
So what I got:

I think I might buy one of the large palettes sometime this year so this little palette will be great for taking away with me if I only want a few colours.
The top-left shadow only has half the label on the bottom, you can only see parts of the letters. After looking on the website I’ve come to the conclusion this is Girlie. The website describes it as soft muted rosy-pink with subtle shimmer (Satin) which it is.
The top-right shadow…