Review: Lush Strawberry Santa jelly soap

Lush describes this as “Our jellies are extremely refreshing when they're chilled in the freezer, and Strawberry Santa really ought to be as cold as the North Pole when you use him. Cleansing strawberries are mixed with softening desiccated coconut, and the creamy scent of vanilla absolute makes him smell like strawberries and cream. He comes in a wobbly Santa Claus shape, so you can lift him out of his little box and flop him around in the shower or the bath. Minutes of endless amusement for the kids and silly grown ups”
What I think: This isn’t my favourite smell but I love the concept of the shower jellies so I had to buy it. Lush says it smells like strawberries, vanilla and coconut, I couldn’t smell any of these really apart from a hint of strawberry. It smelt like when products get that general Lush smell and you can’t really pick out a particular one? That’s what it smells of. I love the way it’s shaped like Santa, such a cute idea! This also lathers really well and is best used with a bath lily as I tend to drop the jelly if I don’t. If you haven’t tried their jellies you’re missing out! Go try one!
Price: £2.95
Re-buy? Maybe not.


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