Review: Lush Snowcake soap

Lush describes this as “Smells like the irresistible almond icing on your cake: feels like almond mousse on your skin. Snowcake, possibly the smoothest, creamiest soap Lush makes, returns for its annual trip home for the Christmas holidays. Why don't we keep it all year round? Because it makes its visits extra special. If we got Christmas every day, despite Wizzard's hopeful lyrics, we might get bored with it. This way, you will never be bored with Snowcake's almond scented lather all over your body, will you?”
What I think: I’m so glad I finally bought this! It has moved up to become one of my favourite Lush soaps (along with rock star and porridge). It smells of almonds and is absolutely gorgeous. It is really creamy and almost melts into your hands when using it, despite this it lathers really well.
Price: £2.50
Re-buy? I’ve probably got enough to last me till next Christmas if I use it in conjunction with other soaps, I just hope they bring it back next year!


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