Review: Lush Snow Showers jelly soap

Lush describes this as “A luxuriously refreshing, milky-white, snowy shower jelly. Vintage 2008. Chill before serving. Elderflowers have been a popular beautifying remedy since Saxon times. What better herb could there be to use as an infusion for our white Yuletide jelly? Chill it like champagne, then rub it all over your hair and body and you get a handful of cleansing, softening lather with our sweet orange and cognac party fragrance. If you can't live without it, buy a big wobbly chunk while it lasts and keep it in the freezer for future festivities.”
What I think: I love the smell of this, it’s so unique and doesn’t smell like anything else Lush sells. It’s similar to the Christmas Party ballistic but this much stronger and nice in my opinion. I’ve tried two of Lush’s jelly shower gels so far and have loved them both, this is no exception either! They lather so well and are best used with a bath lily as I tend to drop the jelly if I don’t. If you haven’t tried their jellies you’re missing out! Go try one!
Price: £2.95
Re-buy? I got quite a big chunk so I think it should last me the year it I use it sparingly, hopefully they will bring it back next year so I can buy it again! Please Lush :)


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