Review: Lush Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar

Lush describes this as “Sparkling, ruby red Bubble Bar with a bewitching fragrance of rose and carnation.There's no place like Lush at Christmas. Grab yourself a pair of Ruby Red Slippers and work some powerfully foaming magic on the water and make it as colourful as the merry old land of Oz. This calming, skin-toning potion of carnations, tangerines and roses makes your body feel and smell bewitching. Munchkins can break a bar in half and get two little baths for the price of one”
What I think: Despite Lush saying you can break this into two I was able to cut into four really good sized chunks. I’ve never used a whole bubble bar in one bath before, it just seems like you’d waste so much product, there’s only so many bubbles you can get in one bath! The scent is very floral, it’s not over the top but still quite strong. It smells more like the natural flowers do rather than a synthetic smell which is always good. Makes huge amounts of bubbles like usual and turns your water pinky red. I just wish there was more glitter! It seems like it’s only on the outside.
Price: £3.50
Re-buy? Maybe not, I’d pick a sweet or spicy scented product over a floral one


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