Review: Lush Lil’ Pud bath ballistic

Lush describes this as “Looks like a pudding, smells like a pudding, fizzes like a spicy Bath Ballistic. It's perfect for nursing your hangover. Clove powder warms and stimulates, as aloe vera and rose calm and soothe suffering skins. Lemon peel adds a sharp citrus zing to the Ballistic and creates part of the authentic Christmas pudding aroma.”
What I think: This is one of the ones I’ve tried in previous years. It smells just as Lush describes it as and I love the little holly detail. It is one of their smaller ballistics but is still as powerful as the larger ones. It doesn’t do anything fancy apart from make your bath smell nice, I wouldn’t say it was particularly moisturising though. It turns your bath a bit of a weird colour, like a yellowy-brown, not a very appealing colour. I can ignore the colour the water turns with bubble bars, like ma baa, as I love the bubbles but I don’t think I’ll be buying it again next year.
Price: £1.95
Re-buy? nahhh


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