Review: Lush Jingle Spells bath ballistic

Lush describes this as “A herbal hangover cure from Santa, with twinkly stars to make you feel better. For a magic spell to get you through the effects of the season's worst excesses, cast one of these purple Ballistics into your bathwater and soak for 20 minutes. All the essential oils in Jingle Spells help to cleanse, restore your vitality and inject a bit of life back when you feel like death. All you have to do is lie there and inhale scents of reviving juniper berry, toning tangerine and stimulating fennel. Don't worry if you see stars, it's all part of the magic.”
What I think: This is one of their larger ballistics so could be cut in half but it is a chore. I find them to be a bit over powering sometimes and this is one of then, it would be better if it was the mini size especially as Lush says it’s a great hangover cure. I think I’d be feeling worse if I had one! Anyway I thought it appropriate to use this New Year’s day as it’s an after-party ballistic. I was tee-totalling it last night as I’m on antibiotics so I can’t comment on it curing your hangover.  But my guess would be no :P It turns your bath a vivid purple with little gold, silver and purple stars floating around and smells like my fruit teas!
Price: £2.75
Re-buy? Once a year is fine, it’s a bit over powering to use regularly.


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