Review: Lush Fairy Tail sugar scrub

That last of my Christmas reviews for Lush, back to normal postings from now on! You can still expect to see Lush reviews though mixed in with other posts :) I am still obsessed with Lush and can’t wait to try out the Valentines products.

Lush describes this as “Our little hard-working mouse will help you in the ongoing battle against unsightly bumpy bits. Coconut milk and strawberry powders are cleansing and soothing for the skin; Fair Trade sugar is an excellent exfoliant and helps to gently scrub away dead surface skin cells, leaving your skin looking healthier and brighter. It smells just like our deliciousYummy Yummy Yummy shower gel, too, with the citrus notes of bergamot and geranium oils to give it an extra kick.”
What I think: This is such a cute scrub, almost to cute to then go and destroy with the hammer, but I did! I use a hammer to break them up (I’ll probably do a post on this with photos soon) so I can use them over and over. It really does smell like yummy yummy yummy shower gel and is so moisturising! These little scrubs are such a good invention.
Price: £2.50
Re-buy? I obviously can’t buy this one again but I love the other two in the permanent line.


  1. @Jennie they really are! I was so close to not breaking it up as it was too cute :)


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