Review: Lush Candy Cane bubble bar

Lush describes this as “Sweet as candy and twice as bubbly.
While acknowledging that a stick of baking soda and cream of tartar doesn't sound quite as appealing as a stick of sugar, we think you'll change your mind once you smell Lush's Candy Cane. Making another popular comeback, our pink and white swirled stick of solid bubble bath brings froth and fragrant bubbles to your tub. It gives a soothing scent of vanilla sweeties to a Christmas stocking and makes your skin lickably soft. Let's just repeat the for good measure: smells good enough to eat, but don't.”
What I think: This is one of my favourite bubble bars and I’m always glad to see it back each year. Lush describes it perfectly, it’s really sweet with a hint of vanilla. Despite it being pink it turns your bath milky/cloudy with an amazing amount of bubbles! I cut this up into 4 really good sized chunks so £2.35 is a great price for what you get. This one is really moisturising too.
Price: £2.35
Re-buy? I do each year and I hope they continue to make it each year!


  1. geeeez all lush soaps look and smell so delish that i regret i can not eat them!

  2. @The divinitus haha I know what you mean! Especially the sugar scrubs!


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