Lush Valentines Products

 Even though I’m not using Lush products at the moment that doesn’t stop me from buying them though :D I put in a small order for the Valentine’s products on Tuesday and it came this morning so pretty quick delivery!
As always it came nicely packaged but I do miss the popcorn or at least the coloured potato starch things. The colourful products look nice and stand out I guess.
I’ve finally took my own photos! I always forget and use the products but I got my camera ready as soon as I closed the front door.
IMG_1294 IMG_1295 What I ordered:
♥ Sex Bomb bath ballistic, £2.95.
♥ Love Soap with box, £2.95.
♥  The Ex-factor bath ballistic, £1.95.
♥ Magic mushroom bubble bar, £2.95.
In the little message box of the order I asked for some samples and they generously gave me four! Which are:
♥ Happy 4 Sad shower gel, retro.
♥ Antiphilitron shampoo, retro.
♥ Vanishing Cream.
♥ Ginger Lotion, retro.IMG_1299

As these reviews will be way past the time you can buy the products so I'll write my initial thoughts.
I’ve had Sex Bomb many times before, great ballistic and smells like jasmine and ylang ylang. Not so sure I like the smell of Love Soap, smells similar to sex bomb but with an extra ingredient. Magic Mushroom smells amazing! Very sweet, like yummy yummy yummy but with out the floral, will have to stock up on these! Finally The Ex-factor is so cute and smells like vanilla musk.
Someone in my family has had Happy 4 sad before, smells like grapefruits and I love the colour. I’ve tried Vanishing cream before so happy to again. I’m going to use antiphilitron shampoo either tonight or tomorrow, it smells like lemon curd! I’m not a fan of ginger so I’ve given Ginger Lotion to my mum :)


  1. You've won the £25 ASOS voucher in my competition :) If you want to email me your email address to mine (shown on my page) then i'll get it to you :) <3

  2. Ohh i so want to try the valentines products. :)
    Cant wait to buy them xox

  3. Those mushrooms look so so cute! xo

  4. @Laura Jaye You really should get some, they all smell amazing!

    @Jennie I know it's so cute, like a little Mario mushroom

  5. How was Antiphilitron? I really want to get it :)

  6. @Irina, you know what, I actually haven't used the sameple yet! It's still sitting in my bathroom cabinet! xx


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