Ashley Tisdale & Miley Cyrus’s style with a few ASOS purchases

My day time style and clothes choices do not follow the trends despite my love and interest of fashion. I’ve chosen comfort and practicality over style for the past year as I’ve been doing my Art Foundation degree. A lot of people who were on the same course as me treated it as a fashion show each day. But who wants to wear really nice and expensive clothes and come home at the end of the day covered in paint? And I would, every day my hands would be covered and I’d have at least one mark on my clothes.
I’d end up wearing a baggy t-shirt, leggings and a hoody. This is where I was inspired by Ashley Tisdale’s look, comfy clothes with a designer bag. Obviously I couldn’t afford designer but these days you can find anything on the high street.
It also makes a difference for going out at night, if I didn’t wear sweats during the days I wouldn’t have anything nice and different to wear at night. It’s like wearing school uniform, I’d always look forward to the weekends to wear my clothes.

I particularly love this style of bag in the photo, oversized with a handle as well as a shoulder strap.


Here is another example of one of her laid back looks with a different bag but in the same style.

I will definitely be wearing and outfit like this next summer!

Another celebrity whose bags I’ve been admiring is Miley Cyrus. Some of her style choices have been a bit iffy but there are certainly a lot of pieces I am jealous of!
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So my hunt for the perfect bag began and didn’t go very far. I took to browsing the sites and only found one that I really liked from Topshop but it was £85, I’d be happy to spend that but I wasn’t in love with the colour so I waited. A couple of days ago I found this one on ASOS. It’s from Warehouse, for some reason I didn’t check their website otherwise I would have spotted it earlier. It is available in black and grey. I actually don’t have any grey bags so I went for that one.
image1xl (1)image1xl
I’ve also wanted a round scarf for so long! The only site I’ve seen them being sold on is American Apparel and they are quite expensive. Whilst looking for the perfect bag I came across this acid wash one for only £18. In my basket it went!

image1xl (2)
This purple top with a sequin pocket has been in my ASOS wish list for some time now waiting to be bought. It was reduced to £16 from £28 so it then moved to my basket too!

image1xl (3)
So I could get free standard delivery I popped this lovely grey crop top into my basket as it was only £5.

I can never take good photos of clothes so I used the ones from the ASOS website as they show them truest :)
I also bought a silver Barry M liner but I will write about that in a separate post. So 2 out of 5 things from the sale isn’t bad. I’m usually awful in sales so I don’t really go to them. I can never find anything I like and am always drawn to items that are full price. I love them all though, this bag will definitely be turning into my everyday bag! I'm sure these buys will appear in future OOTD's.

Anyone found any amazing bargains in this years sales?


  1. The third pic is a great summer look, love that dress. (Hurry up summer!) I haven't bought any bargains yet, been waiting for pay day, but it's finally here tomorrow so I'll be scouring the shops on Saturday! x

  2. @*R* Hope you get some great buys! I'm liking the weather now but just don't want it to start raining everyday, I like the extremes of being very cold and very hot but nothing in between.


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