Review: Lush Wee Harry bath melt

So this is the second review of the Lush products I got for Christmas. Beware for the next how ever many days it takes I am going to overload you with Lush Christmas reviews :D

Lush describes this as “Elf and safety warming! A spicy Bubble Bar inspired by spicy Scandinavian drinks. (And elves.) Davana oil has a warm citrus scent and is soothing for the skin, so soaking in this cocktail of kola-scented brew will help to calm irritations. The tonka and vanilla absolutes add a sweet note to the bubbles and will leave your skin fragrant after your bath. Wee Harry works his magic to make your bath water as red as he is and your bubbles as white as his innocent little face. Have a bubble bath with Wee Harry and toast to good elf.”
What I think: This bubble bar seems to have so many names! On the website it’s called Wee Harry but on my label it says Pere Noel (father Christmas) and I’ve seen other people call it no name elf. I’ve cut this into 3 chunks but one is larger than the others so it could have been 4. About the average number of baths you can get out of Lush’s bubble bars. Hmm despite their description I can only smell cinnamon and it’s quite strong. No sign of any kola-scented brew in there. The eyes are chocolate chips which I think just kind of melted into my water. It turned my bath reddy/orange and is really moisturising with lots of fabulous bubbles!
Price: £2.95
Re-buy? I think it’s good for once a year but the cinnamon is a bit too strong for me to use regularly.


  1. Merry Christmas for yesterday :D I went to Lush this morning and smelt this and liked it and forgot to put it in the basket doh. x

  2. @Lu aww no! You'll have to try and get it next time your in Lush, or hopefully it'll come back next year! Merry christmas to you too :)


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