Review: Lush Want To Believe luxury bath melt

Lush describes this as “Is it coal? Is it candy? No, it's a refreshing Luxury Bath Melt to restore your faith in Yuletide. You'll want to believe in this miraculous melt and you'll find your faith justly rewarded. Fennel oil will refresh your mind, starflower oil and soya milk will soften your skin, and charcoal will gently cleanse.”
What I think: This has one of the strangest smells that I certainly wouldn’t head towards in a shop. It really looks like coal, doesn’t smell like it, but if you found a couple of these in your stocking you wouldn’t be so happy at first!! I have no idea how to describe its scent so all I’m going to say is smell it first before you buy, I’d say the majority of people would put it down straight away. Anyway, it’s a bath melt so it doesn’t create and bubbles or anything. It melts in your bath slowly leaving your water moisturising and relaxing, supposedly. After a while I started sneezing as the scent is so strong. As it melts it leaves a trail of glitter and oil and only turns your water slightly grey despite the colour. I think I’m going to get about 3 baths out of this melt which is average.
Price: £2.75
Re-buy? If they brought this out again next year I wouldn’t buy it again.


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