Review: Lush Star Melt

“Melt into a bath of sugar sweetness. This festive Luxury Bath Melt smells just like our best-selling Snow Fairy. As it melts in the hot water, the shea and cocoa butters create a skin softening blend, while the icing sugar makes the water creamy and soothing. It's the icing on the cake for all snow fairies and mortals who seek fairy magic and lovely pink water.”
What I think: I didn’t put this into running water like the label says as it was a last minute decision to use it, I couldn’t choose which goodie to use. Instead I just let it melt into the water, I thought it would float about and slowly dissolve. How wrong was I? It was beginning to melt in my hand as I took it out the bag, it sunk to the bottom and immediately melted into a blob and stuck to the bottom of the bath! This was easily fixed by swishing my hand in the water and mixing it up. My bath water then turned a gorgeous bubble gum pink with an oil layer on the top for that moisturising goodness!  My skin felt so soft in the bath and even softer when I got out, amazing. It has the famous snow fairy scent but less in your face than the shower gel, the melt still has a strong smell but not
Price: £2.45
Re-buy? Yes, I wish I had gotten a few more of these but hopefully they will be back next year


  1. Ohhh i love the sound of this! I wanttt! :)
    laura jaye xox

  2. This was the last post in my dasboard, just to let you know. Argggh i've missed loads, must catch up lol! x

  3. @Laura Jaye They're good as they're different to all other Lush products :)

    @Lu If only I'd known I could have written a post telling everyone to follow my new url :(


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