Review: Lush Snow Fairy shower gel as bubble bath

Lush describes this as “Sparkly, pink, sweet-as-sugar shower gel for fruity, fluffy fairies. The Snow Fairy flies in from the bottom of the garden, all pink, sparkly and candy-scented. We had imagined that it would be popular with girls and lovers of our fluffiest fragrances, but we never believed it would be so popular with grown men, too. Use it to wash your hair and body after a ballet lesson, gymnastics class or even a football match.”
What I think: I always use shower gels for bubble baths, they do the same job so why not? I thought this would be no different but I was wrong. I poured the amount I would normally use into running water and only a few bubbles formed which was really disappointing. I might try adding more in next time to see if that makes a difference but if it doesn’t I guess I’ll just have to use it as shower gel which means it’ll last me even longer! On to the smell, this is one you should really smell before buying if your not a big fan on sickly sweet smells. If you do like them, go a head and buy lots of bottles of this! It may not have created any bubbles but it was great for adding a scent to the water, kind of like a ballistic does. The scent is very strong and I smelt of bubblegum all day long :)
Price: 100ml £2.95, 250ml £5.95, 500ml £9.95
Re-buy? I got the 500ml bottle which is huge and will last me aaaages! I think I might be a bit sick of the smell by the end of the bottle so it’s a good thing it only comes out at Christmas.


  1. Snow Fairy is one of my faves! I've never used it in the bath though, only in the shower and sometimes a tiny bit on my hair as the smell lasts for ages.

    I've also got Snow Fairy solid perfume, Candy Fluff talcum powder (has the snow fairy scent), Godmother soap (has the snow fairy scent) Star melt (same scent) and have just noticed the new Lip scrubs on the Lush site! The bubblegum one is the snow fairy scent too so i've gotta get that one! Not sure if they are out in the Lush shops yet though :-/ x

  2. @Lu I love it and so glad I got the larger one for Christmas. You should try it as bubble bath, it's not the best but smells divine and leaves the scent on your skin for hours.

    Haha you've got everything snow fairy! The next soap on my list is godmother :)

    Seriously Lush just knows how to take all my money! Even though I can't use their products at the moment I'm still planning on buying the Valentine products and a lip scrub :D

  3. Snow fairy is one of my favorites as well. I like this shower gel to use during bath. It have nice fragrance and I feel amazing after using it.


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