Review: Lush Satsumo Santa bath ballistic

Lush describes this as “Santa's back again this year, but he's changed slightly. He's put on a little extra weight and found himself a new fragrance. Gone are the days of the rich chocolate scents; now, he's a seasonal citrus Santa and he's full to bursting with reviving mandarin and bergamot oils. Chuck him into a hot bath and watch him explode with red colour and the aroma of fresh Satsuma's will have you nostalgic for the stocking filler. He'll gently tone your skin and kick your mind back into gear when you're feeling lethargic from the short days and long nights.”
What I think: This is one of their really cute bath products, I really didn’t want to use it but I’m glad I did :) I don’t really buy that many citrus bath products for some reason, so I was glad to get this one. I really liked using it in the morning as the citrus scents where really revitalising and refreshing. This is one of their faster dissolving ballistics, it was gone within 5 seconds and turned my water a bright orange.
Price: £2.75
Re-buy? I would if it wasn’t limited, are there any other citrus ballistics or bubble bars that you know about? I don’t think I’ve come across any yet


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