Review: Lush Ickle Baby Devil bath ballistic

I’ve had the ickle baby angel bath ballistic a few times so though it was time to try the devil version.
Lush describes this as “Our Ickle Baby Ballistics have two sides. One is an Ickle Angel; one is an Ickle Devil. The latter is a red little devil. But despite her wicked ways, she soothes and calms with chamomile, lavender and sandalwood essential oils. Perfect for well-behaved little 'uns that need a good, restful night's sleep.”
What I think – This is one of the cutest bath ballistics ever! Apart from the baby angel one of course. It is tiny so will only really be on baths worth. If you split it into two I’m not sure how good it would be but it could work I guess. I can smell the lavender in it, there is also a hint of sweetness in there somewhere. A really soothing bath ballistic, perfect for when you can sleep :) i.e myself right now! This is one of their floating ballistics and disappears pretty quickly leaving your bath water with a hint of pink. If your looking for a ballistic that does everything, this isn’t it. You get a cute ballistic and a nice subtle scent, good for those with sensitive skin.
Price - £1.35, could be seen as expensive as it is tiny but oh so cute!
Re-buy? Maybe not at the moment, but in the future perhaps.


  1. It does sound very sweet!

  2. @Jen So cute but the scent could be a bit stronger, great for sensitive skins though


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