Review: Lush Cinders bath ballistic

Lush describes this as “Fizz, crackle and pop! A spicy, soda scented Ballistic that crackles like a roaring fire. Cinders is a Ballistic with a bit of fire. Cinnamon leaf oil warms the skin, so it's perfect to warm you up if you've been shopping in the cold, and sweet orange oil will put a spring back in your step when you're lagging. Coarse sea salt brings beneficial minerals to the mix and cleanses, while almond oil will smooth rough and dry skin. And Cinders has a secret weapon to liven up your bath-time fun: it's decorated with popping candy, which will crackle in your bath like burning embers.”
What I think: Mine didn’t have a lot of popping candy on the top but it did  have a lot on the inside, not that it made a lot of difference. I couldn’t hear it pop at all, maybe if I stuck my head under the water I could have not I obviously didn’t want to do that. Despite it being one of their smaller ballistics it took quite a while to fizz away. It turns your bath water bright yellow but can leave a yellow circle so make sure you wash your bath out after using it so it doesn’t stain. Lush describes the smell perfectly, they seem to be a fan of spices and cinnamon this year.
Price: £1.86
Re-buy? Maybe not, the only thing which stood out to me was the popping candy but that had no effect so it’s just a plain bath ballistic


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