Review: Lush Christmas Party bath ballistic

Lush describes this as “There's enough good cheer in this Christmas cocktail of a party Ballistic to last you a whole evening. We scent it with revitalizing orange and lime to get the party started, then add cognac essential oil for a bit of festive spirit. You'll find that it's intoxicatingly encouraging. It seems to dissolve away all your inhibitions. Bathe with a star-filled Christmas Party Ballistic before you head off to your big bash; or when you're all partied out, revive yourself with one of these and stay at home instead.”
What I think: The label for this actually says that it smells like Bucks Fizz and when it is dissolved in the bath it actually does! Which is kind of odd. This ballistic is full of stars which I love when I’m in the bath but not when I get out. I think if I turned up to  a party covered in the stars I’d be getting a few strange looks from my friends :D This is one of their faster fizzing ballistics and disappears within a matter of seconds leaving you water slightly orange. 
Price: £2.80
Re-buy? I’m not so keen on the smell and I’ve had the same style of ballistic before but with a better smell so no, I wouldn’t


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