Review: Lush Christmas Eve bubble bar

Beware, tomorrow one of my presents is the entire Lush Christmas range apart from one or two items. I won’t over load you with them, maybe one every other day as I want you to be able to read them whilst you can still buy the range. Or should I just do a post each day? That way you will definitely be able to buy them? Let me know in the comments :)

My parents gave me this bubble bar early as it doesn’t seem right not to use it on Christmas Eve. So at 00.32 I took a bath using it :)
Lush describes this as “Escape from seasonal stresses with a soothing, deep blue, floral bubble bath. Irish moss powder forms a soothing, softening gel in the beautifully blue water; the floral and sensual scents of jasmine and ylang ylang are relaxing, and the oils are good for caring for sensitive skins. On the night before Christmas, all through your house, if everybody is stirring and making you grouse, run yourself a Christmas Eve bubble bath and watch your troubles to float away”
What I think: This bubble bar is quite big, I’ve managed to cut it up into four really good sized chunks. It also crumbled into the water really well, sometimes it takes ages to mash all the lumps up. Makes great bubbles like all their bars do but it also turned my water into a lovely sea green colour. The smell reminds me of a soap making kit I had when I was younger. It has a really strong floral scent just as Lush describes it has, absolutely lovely. I’m not really that into floral bath products but this is strong but not over-powering. I wouldn’t say it was particularly moisturising though which is it’s only down side.
Price: £2.50
Re-buy? I would if it wasn’t limited edition, hopefully it’ll come back next year!


  1. Ohh it sounds lovely - although it looks like a banana on the front :) haha


  2. Sounds delish! Merry Christmas! :) xx

  3. @Laura Jaye haha it does :) I've still got a tiny piece of this left and am keeping it for as long as possible , I love it so much!

    @Jen I wish it was in the permanent line :(


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