Ikea Ikea Ikea & bits from my bedroom

I’m trying a new layout for my photos today. I always manage to write a lot and my posts seem huge so maybe this will make them appear smaller when they’re really not :)
I love going to Ikea to buy things to put in my room. All my furniture bar two things and a lot of my decorations are from Ikea. I went the other week to buy a new bedside table, photo frame, fairy lights and another wooden box thing to paint for my sewing kit.
It’s a fact that when you go to Ikea you will always come out with extras you didn’t plan on buying. If you don’t you’re just odd :p I managed to get a toy rat as one of my brothers Christmas presents. He’s just got a pet rat which he absolutely adores so this is just a cute little extra.

My favourite animal is a monkey and when I saw this photograph at Leeds festival a few years ago I bought it straight away. I had it in a frame for a while but then I went to New York and bought a photograph of the skyline which suited that frame more. I’ve found it really hard to get a nice square frame for this adorable photo and I didn’t know what colour to get either. Whilst in Ikea I settled with this one as it matches the 5 other photo frames I have on that wall. I think it looks perfect especially with my fairy lights (also from Ikea) wrapped round it. The little brown tag has a gold outline drawing of Pinocchio I bought at an art show. 

Excuse my un-made bed, the sheets where in the wash. I originally had a different bedside table in mind but then I saw this one that matches my bookshelf so went for this one instead. I originally used a cupboard as my bedside table but then I switched my room up and couldn’t find a good place for it so I got a new one. This one is much smaller but everything fits perfectly. My alarm clock is tucked away behind the photo frame out of view but at a perfect angle where I can see it from my bed. Let’s see how many things from Ikea we can spot in this one photo. Bedside table? check, lamp? check, glass? check, photo frame? check, stickers on the door? check, two photo frames in the corner? check. I told you!

The top two shelves are a bit bare at the moment, I’ve got my Interview magazine and Entertainment weekly magazines on the top shelf with a tub of fish food on the second. The bottom shelf contains all my face and body products. I really like having them in here as I just had too much to put on my dressing table.

On top of my bedside table I have my lamp which has a pull down on/off switch which I love. For any Twilight geeks out there this is one of Bella’s lamps in her bedroom. As much of a Twilight geeks that I am I bought this lamp like 3 years ago so technically they copied off me :p I have two roses which were originally bobbles, a mini surf board from a friendship bracelet from Cornwall, two hand-made birds, a shrinkie from a friend, a hard rock cafe plectrum and a photo of me and two old friends when we were younger. I also have a pink glass which is just out of the shot.

I love these two little birds! I am slowly building my own art collection and have seven pieces which I’ve bought so far. A few of them are in these photos which I’ll point out. These two birds are hand-made by my mums friend, Gemma, who she met whilst doing an art degree at Liverpool Hope uni. Each one she makes has its own personality, they are so cute! She mainly specialises in wire and ceramics making these little bird figures, nests and jewellery which I also have a few pieces of.

I love my bedroom, it is my favourite room in the house. It is my space and the only room where I can have all the say on how it is decorated. Let’s just say me and my mum have totally different tastes when it comes to interior design! Even though we did manage to agree on the downstairs toilet!IMG_1055
I think what really makes a room personal is all the little extras that are in it. This little shelf is one of my favourite areas. I’ve got one of my pieces of art which I bought at an auction, I have another one which is beside my TV, a little Japanese doll, giant “diamond”, kt letters, mini Chanel perfume bottle, cupcake tile, ceramic gift tag, candle, vintage scissors, a pink glass, post card and a really old sleeping princess book.

IMG_1057 IMG_1059
I found the Chanel perfume bottle in a frock me event in London for £1. God knows how old it is but it still smells of the perfume. It’s so cute and looks gorgeous against my letters. My cousin was very jealous that I found it, it was hidden in a pile of junk. She did find a watch I liked so we were even :)

Here is the other piece of art that I bought. These two pieces are probably not what you’d expect me to go for but I liked the contrast between the frame and the art. The frames are quite traditional and girly where as the prints would be at home on a boys bedroom wall but I love them.

There’s still more of my bedroom left to photograph so I think I’ll save that for another post :)


  1. I love these kind of posts - I'm so nosy!

    When we were furnishing our flat it had to be Ikea for our furniture. We picked up a bit at car boots/charity shops/antique centres but you know you'll get what you need at Ikea! I love their postcards and candles, too. Lovely room!

  2. @Jen I really am too! Yeah I have so many Ikea candles too and postcards haha I have everything


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