A few of my Christmas presents from my lovely family ♥

I had a great Christmas with my family and I hope you all did too :) I haven’t got any photos, we’re not  really a photography family even though I love taking photos. I think we are too busy opening presents and cooking lunch so we forget. The rest of my family are coming up tomorrow so maybe they’ll take some photos.
So the past few days I’ve been opening presents, eating way too much lovely food, watching House (one of my dads presents from my brother), taking Lush baths with all my new goodies, playing board games, going for walks in the park and having an all round good times!
Here’s a few of my presents I thought I’d like to show you.
I’ve wanted one of these snake bracelets for so long and finally got one for Christmas. I love the tackiness of it with all the rhinestones and it fits perfectly on my wrist.

I love necklaces and always have one on, I tend to go for delicate chains with a pendant so this on mixes it up a bit and is different to my others. It is short so the same length as my others but the chain is really chunky and has a scroll like pendant which reads “you only live once but if you live right once is enough”



I love these types of bracelets and have a few different sorts in a variety of colours. The top one is a good luck charm on a purple cord and the bottom is a silver heart on a light blue cord. I love to wear loads of these in a friendship bracelet sort of way so I’m going to buy some more different charms and colours.
Here’s my box full of the Lush Christmas range, I’d already used/cut up some of the products but you get the idea :) My mum and dad wrapped each one individually so I was there for like an hour unwrapping them all!

My brother gave me a jar of the original Fluff the other day so when my mum found this she bought it straight away. I love the stuff but this raspberry one tastes like Lush creamy candy bubble bar which is so weird, despite this I’m still eating it! I guess it goes with the fact I love parma violets even though they taste like soap.

Me and my mum finally found a shop which sells Yankee Candles so she got me a mini jar of Island spa which smells like one of Lush’s products.

Probably the present I was most looking forward to getting is China Glaze “For Audrey” which is the colour of the Tiffany boxes. This photo doesn’t show the exact colour, it’s more green. I will be doing a NOTD post soon so I’ll take the photo in natural light to show the true colour.

I got my laptop the other month and my brother knew how much I love it so he got me a desktop Henry hoover and goo which cleans the keyboard, both of which I’ve nagged my parents to buy but never have. I was SO excited when I opened both of them.

As my parents know how much I love Twilight and already have a lot of the memorabilia. They got me this journal set, one for each book which have quotes and photos.. The best thing about this set is the tin! I love it and think I’m going to use it for my bracelets.

Obviously not much make-up but I've bought so much recently there was other things I wanted more.


  1. That bracelet is so pretty and different!!

  2. you got lots of really pretty things :)
    we got my dad the mini Henry hoover last year
    it's such a good gift!

  3. @ lipton|Tee yeah I really love it

    @AbbieAndBrian yeah it's so great! I always look at it on the firebox website but next buy it

  4. You got some awesome pressies :)
    Hope you had a lovely day.
    I had the Hetty Hoover for my birthday this year, I love her I think they are so cute haha.


  5. @Tanya yeah I had a great day, hope you did too!
    The hetty hoover is so cute too! I've always wanted a proper henry hoover, will hopefully get one when I get my own place after uni :)

  6. Awhh i love yankee candles, i have loads of small ones all over my room :)
    I got the lush christmas star ballistic set - cant wait to try it all out.

    love your reviews :) xx

  7. @Laura Jaye I'm addicted to them now! I used this little one up in a matter of days! Off to buy a new one soon :)


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