Review: Lush Think Pink bath bomb

Once again I’m a bit confused with the sizing and price of this bath bomb. The one I used was the smaller sized bath bomb but the website price is £3.20 therefore suggesting its normal size! Maybe they made small bath bombs to go in the goodie bags? Not sure so don’t quote me on sizing and prices.
“Lavender, tonka bean and vanilla for endless fun and welcome refreshment. The Think Pink Ballistic is perfumed with Mark's new favourite fragrance, tonka bean absolute, which smells rather like vanilla's tough sister. It's the kind of fragrance which leads you astray before you even notice you've wandered off the path. The Think Pink is very pink, but not in a fluffy way. There's sweet vanilla in there, deliciously intoxicating neroli oil and lavender to make sure we keep our heads while we're bathing sophisticated surfeit of pinkness”
I’ve had this one before and still love it!  Sadly the little iced flowers melted straight away but the other flower floated about for a bit longer! Turned my bath a lovely shade of pink but once again no bubbles or froth.
In the reviews people say that when it fizzes confetti hearts are released which didn’t happen to mine. Maybe because it was a mini version? A bit disappointed, they could have stuck a few tiny hearts in there :(
Buy again? Maybe not straight away, a few years ago I always bought this one so maybe I’ll try a few more of the newer ones first before re-buying.


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