Review: Lush So White bath bomb

This bath bomb was part of the goodie bag I got when I spent £15 the other day.
It really does smell like apples! Kind of like apple sours or apple cider and I can still smell it on my skin a few hours later.
The past few products I’ve used from Lush have been really moisturising but this one beats them all! For me, I use bath bombs for the interesting baths and the scents but this is so much more!
Lush describes this as leaving a snow fall in your bath and it does exactly that. You wont get any bubbles from this and it won’t turn your water an amazing colour but it’s still as good as any other. This bath bomb lasted so long in my bath too! I’d say it took a good 10 minutes for it to totally disappear which is amazing!
I’ve got a few more of these so I don’t need to repurchase but if I did I definitely would.


  1. it's brill - as is your post !

  2. This bath bomb looks so delicious, too bad it's not eatable. It's so interesting, I have never seen sth. like this. Thx for sharing with us.

  3. haha it smells like you should eat or drink it too!

  4. looks delicious! Just stumbled across your blog and am loving it so far. :)


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