Review: Lush Avobath bath bomb

Lush’s description: For liveliness and softer skin.
If you're the sort who prefers to stay in bed and can't get up until midday, Avobath is what you need to get you moving in the morning. It's an amazingly refreshing Ballistic with stimulating lemongrass to revive a sleepy brain. There's bergamot to raising the spirits, freshly mashed avocado and olive oil to moisturize your skin. If you absolutely have to get up early, use one of these.
So far, out of all the bath bombs I’ve tried recently and reviewed this is the only one where I didn’t feel moisturised which is a bit disappointing if you read their description before hand. 
As always I’m not very good with describing scents but Lush’s descriptions always seem spot on :) This has a very strong scent which is lovely and sticks to your skin all day!
It turned my bath green but with no bubbles or froth. Their was a slight shimmer to it if you looked very closely to the water but it didn’t stick to your skin.
The one I used is smaller than the usual bath bombs so I used it whole unlike the larger ones where I split them in two. I’m not sure how much mine would cost as I got it free in a goodie bag but on the website it is £2.81. It is roughly the same price as the larger bath bombs on the website so I’m confused as to whether it is expensive or you can actually buy them larger than what I used. If that makes any sense??
As far as recommending this to you I definitely would but only if it is the larger sized bath bomb  your buying, if it’s the smaller one then no as it’s not worth it. Hope that makes sense again! haha


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