Review: Jacko bath bomb from Lush

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I forgot to take the Jacko bath bomb away with me to use on Halloween so I’ve been using it this week :)
Like most of Lush’s products I break them into pieces so I can get more than one use out of it. As this one was only thin I broke it into two which was just enough for me.
Like all bath bombs do, when dropped into the bath it fizzed until dissolved. It turned the bath a light orange colour, if the whole bath bomb was put it then the colour would be much stronger. I could really smell the cardamom and clove bud but not so much the spearmint oil. I’m kind of glad I couldn’t as I don’t think spearmint would mix too well with the other two scents.
Unlike most bath bombs, I found this one to be really moisturising which I was pleasantly surprised about and did not expect :) 
I’ve just read the reviews about this on the Lush website, they all seem to be saying the scent faded after a few minutes. I have to totally disagree! My bathroom still smells and I’ve been out the bath for at least an hour and I could smell it the whole time I was in it. I’d also kept mine in the bathroom cabinet for a good few weeks before using it, usually the scent decreases over time! Hmm strange
It looks like you can still buy Jacko online, not too sure about in the shops but I’d definitely recommend it :)


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