Not very happy!

I was in Asda buying the  weekly shop where I bought some spot treatments as I have a really nasty one on my chin and they all seemed to be on special offer. I decided to try the Clean & clear one as it says it reduces spots within 4 hours. I went to put a second layer on when the packet exploded! It went all over my laptop and duvet!
So now I have  wasted product from the explosion, an open tube an no where to put the remaining product. I looked on the clean & clear website but couldn’t find an email address to write to them.  Hmm guess I’ll try one of the other treatments I bought. Nice waste of a product :(
*Update: Good news! I got an email from Johnson & Johnson today and they said to send back the original and they’ll send out a new one for me :) *


  1. Oh gosh.

    There must be an address or phone number on the packet somewhere. Have another look!

    Could have ruined your laptop.x

  2. Woah manufacture error! Johnson and Johnson must have a an address or number. Let us know how you get on! Emma :)x

  3. I've just send johnson & johnson an email as there was only a postal address on the clean and clear website. Hopefully they'll get back to me quickly!

  4. Ahhh bummer, hope they get back to you! x

  5. Awww that really sucks =/ It's never happened to me, but if it did, I'd be pissed. No gooey stuff on top of my PC, please - gross!

  6. That happened to me with an eye cream, I opened the box and the top was open. If you've still got the receipt you can take it back to the shop for a new one x


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