A Little Trip To Borders

As some of you may know it looks like Borders is going to close :( I’m really sad, first Woolies last year and now Borders. I loved having a woolies at the bottom of my road as it was so easy to nip in to get a chocolate bar or a drink. Now I have to pay £3 and get the bus to my nearest Asda/Tesco. Me and my family always go after the New Year to Borders to get that years calendars cheap. It was kind of like a family tradition but now we won’t be able too
My dad took the day off work today due to toothache and my mum wasn’t busy we decided to take a trip and maybe make our last ever purchases from borders! We also had a gift voucher with quite a bit of money on to spend before it closes. Just got a few bits like Christmas/birthday cards, wrapping paper and a few presents.
IMG_1036 On my way in I noticed the magazine shelves looking extremely bare! I’d say there was only about 10% of their magazine stock out on the shelves. A quite look round and I spotted entertainment weekly with the Twilight trio. Being the Twilight geek that I am I had to buy it a long with a Starbucks dark cherry mocha which was lovely! And in their famous Christmas red cups ♥
This was actually one of their more interesting and funny interviews that I’ve read. It was really informal, not interview like at all. It was just like a bunch of friends talking normally.
If anyone wants me to scan the interview and post it I’m happy to, just comment below :)

This is also my 100th post :) can't beleive I've written that many! It's crazy!


  1. Congrats on your 100th post! Shame about Borders, i've only been in a borders once, that was when I bought all four twilight books ages ago lol. x

  2. Hey Katy. Caught up on tags/awards etc (one was from you, thanks) and gave you an 'I Love your blog' award. Not sure if you've already got it. x


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