Finally, a copy of Interview magazine!

I’ve been waiting over a month to get this copy of Interview magazine. The main reason is that Kristen Stewart is on the cover and there is also a 14 page spread on her.
I mainly buy fashion magazines as I love looking at the adverts/photo shoots, may seem a bit strange, I do read the articles but that’s not why I buy the magazine. If I were to go down the photography route I’d love to do fashion photography. I love getting magazines that are larger than normal, means the adverts are bigger!
I had no idea where sold Interview so when I saw someone on blogger asking US readers if they could buy it for her in a swap sort of thing I thought this was a really good idea and wrote my own. Sadly I didn’t get any responses but whilst I was browsing on Google I saw someone mention Borders selling American Magazines.
I went to look and saw they had Interview magazine but it was the September issue, I wanted the October issue. This was the beginning of October I think and normally magazines come out a month early so I assumed they’d have it. We were told to ring each week as they didn’t know when they were getting it in. We did so but no such look, I was ready to give up on finding it! We were  in the retail park the other day looking for my laptop when I remembered to check Borders for the magazine.
And guess what! They had it in! aaaaaaaah I was so happy!
IMG_0998 These are my favourite photo’s of her, apart from the cover.
And a full two page interview!


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