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A Little Trip To Borders

As some of you may know it looks like Borders is going to close :( I’m really sad, first Woolies last year and now Borders. I loved having a woolies at the bottom of my road as it was so easy to nip in to get a chocolate bar or a drink. Now I have to pay £3 and get the bus to my nearest Asda/Tesco. Me and my family always go after the New Year to Borders to get that years calendars cheap. It was kind of like a family tradition but now we won’t be able too
My dad took the day off work today due to toothache and my mum wasn’t busy we decided to take a trip and maybe make our last ever purchases from borders! We also had a gift voucher with quite a bit of money on to spend before it closes. Just got a few bits like Christmas/birthday cards, wrapping paper and a few presents.
On my way in I noticed the magazine shelves looking extremely bare! I’d say there was only about 10% of their magazine stock out on the shelves. A quite look round and I spotted entertainment weekly with the Twili…

Review: Lush You’ve Been mangoed

Cheery, fruity mango butter melt.
You've Been Mangoed is our bright and breezy Luxury Bath Melt with nutritious mango and avocado butters to make your skin feel as if it's just had a really healthy breakfast and is all set up for the day. Its fruity scent comes from skin toning lemon and lime essential oils with a drop or two of invigorating lemongrass to get things going when they've ground to a halt. Mango yourself morning, noon and night, whenever you choose to get out of bed” Once again I split this into two but I probably could of got three uses out of it as the bar was still melting all the time I was in the bath. It didn’t turn my bath orange but slightly cloudy with a few bubbles. Once again it was a really moisturising bath melt and one that I’d definitely be buying again. At £2.71 I think it should be a bit cheaper but still worth it. xoxo

Review: Lush Floating Island luxury bath melt

“Slow-melting, sandalwood and lemon luxury.
Technically, islands don't float, but let's not split hairs. Our Floating Island is a vanilla scented melt with a touch of reviving lemon. It floats in your bath, gradually dissolving, softening the water and smoothing your skin. It's a wonderful treat for a weekend bath, when you can stay in there as long as you like.” I split this bath melt into two as I always do with my Lush products. While the bath was filling up I dropped the bath melt and left it to float about. A few bubbles appeared but quickly disappeared, don’t know why I was expecting bubbles? It isn’t a bubble bar. Anyway it turned by bath slightly milky/creamy which would be more intense if you used it whole. The scent is just as Lush describes it, it really reminds me of something but I still can’t put my finger to it! It is a really moisturising bath melt too. I think £3.25 is quite a reasonable price as I can get two uses out of it. Definitely one I will be rep…

Review: Lush Think Pink bath bomb

Once again I’m a bit confused with the sizing and price of this bath bomb. The one I used was the smaller sized bath bomb but the website price is £3.20 therefore suggesting its normal size! Maybe they made small bath bombs to go in the goodie bags? Not sure so don’t quote me on sizing and prices. “Lavender, tonka bean and vanilla for endless fun and welcome refreshment. The Think Pink Ballistic is perfumed with Mark's new favourite fragrance, tonka bean absolute, which smells rather like vanilla's tough sister. It's the kind of fragrance which leads you astray before you even notice you've wandered off the path. The Think Pink is very pink, but not in a fluffy way. There's sweet vanilla in there, deliciously intoxicating neroli oil and lavender to make sure we keep our heads while we're bathing sophisticated surfeit of pinkness” I’ve had this one before and still love it!  Sadly the little iced flowers melted straight away but the other flower floated about f…

Review: Lush Avobath bath bomb

Lush’s description: For liveliness and softer skin.
If you're the sort who prefers to stay in bed and can't get up until midday, Avobath is what you need to get you moving in the morning. It's an amazingly refreshing Ballistic with stimulating lemongrass to revive a sleepy brain. There's bergamot to raising the spirits, freshly mashed avocado and olive oil to moisturize your skin. If you absolutely have to get up early, use one of these. So far, out of all the bath bombs I’ve tried recently and reviewed this is the only one where I didn’t feel moisturised which is a bit disappointing if you read their description before hand.  As always I’m not very good with describing scents but Lush’s descriptions always seem spot on :) This has a very strong scent which is lovely and sticks to your skin all day! It turned my bath green but with no bubbles or froth. Their was a slight shimmer to it if you looked very closely to the water but it didn’t stick to your skin. The one …

Review: Lush So White bath bomb

This bath bomb was part of the goodie bag I got when I spent £15 the other day. It really does smell like apples! Kind of like apple sours or apple cider and I can still smell it on my skin a few hours later. The past few products I’ve used from Lush have been really moisturising but this one beats them all! For me, I use bath bombs for the interesting baths and the scents but this is so much more! Lush describes this as leaving a snow fall in your bath and it does exactly that. You wont get any bubbles from this and it won’t turn your water an amazing colour but it’s still as good as any other. This bath bomb lasted so long in my bath too! I’d say it took a good 10 minutes for it to totally disappear which is amazing! I’ve got a few more of these so I don’t need to repurchase but if I did I definitely would. xoxo

Review: Lush Mmmelting marshmallow luxury bath melt

This is another one of the items I bought the other day. I got 4 bath melts as I haven’t had them for years so thought I’d try these ones I haven’t used before.
This is really sickly sweet which I love but others may not. I think it smells like another bubble bar, the pink one with the flower on? I can’t remember but I love it!
I only used half so my bath only turned slightly pink but the scent was still strong enough and I can still smell it on my skin a few hours later.
It didn’t really create that many bubbles but maybe because I only used half? It did moisturise my skin leaving it lovely and soft as it contains cocoa butter :)
Once again I recomend this to everyone! But you may want to smell it first if you’re not so keen on the sickly sweet smelling products.
I’ve used Lush for so many years now I really don’t think I’ve found a single product I haven’t liked! That’s saying a lot about a brand.

Not very happy!

I was in Asda buying the  weekly shop where I bought some spot treatments as I have a really nasty one on my chin and they all seemed to be on special offer. I decided to try the Clean & clear one as it says it reduces spots within 4 hours. I went to put a second layer on when the packet exploded! It went all over my laptop and duvet!

So now I have  wasted product from the explosion, an open tube an no where to put the remaining product. I looked on the clean & clear website but couldn’t find an email address to write to them.  Hmm guess I’ll try one of the other treatments I bought. Nice waste of a product :(
*Update: Good news! I got an email from Johnson & Johnson today and they said to send back the original and they’ll send out a new one for me :) *

A bunch of packages

I had a bit of money that I had saved left over so I made a few well deserved orders. I’ve finished two project 10 pans and I haven’t bought anything to replace or celebrate finishing those items. I made sure I only bought things I needed or didn’t have.
First off was replacing all the mascaras I’d finished. I’m currently using Benefit’s Badgirl lashes and L'Oreal Telescopic, both of which I’d say I’m half way through them. I like to have back-ups as I wear mascara on a daily basis even if I don’t wear any other make-up, it’s also sometimes hard to tell when your mascara will finish or go bad. I’ve wanted to try Eyeko’s mascara for quite a while now especially after watching Gemma’s review video on it. I ordered the original along with the new Magic mascara.

I ordered off the site as I’m not sure my Superdrug stocks Eyeko and since they offer free delivery it saved me paying bus far. Delivery was fairly quick, I ordered Saturday afternoon and it arrived this Wednesday morning.

Finally, a copy of Interview magazine!

I’ve been waiting over a month to get this copy of Interview magazine. The main reason is that Kristen Stewart is on the cover and there is also a 14 page spread on her.
I mainly buy fashion magazines as I love looking at the adverts/photo shoots, may seem a bit strange, I do read the articles but that’s not why I buy the magazine. If I were to go down the photography route I’d love to do fashion photography. I love getting magazines that are larger than normal, means the adverts are bigger!
I had no idea where sold Interview so when I saw someone on blogger asking US readers if they could buy it for her in a swap sort of thing I thought this was a really good idea and wrote my own. Sadly I didn’t get any responses but whilst I was browsing on Google I saw someone mention Borders selling American Magazines.
I went to look and saw they had Interview magazine but it was the September issue, I wanted the October issue. This was the beginning of October I think and normally magazines come o…

Review: Jacko bath bomb from Lush

I forgot to take the Jacko bath bomb away with me to use on Halloween so I’ve been using it this week :)
Like most of Lush’s products I break them into pieces so I can get more than one use out of it. As this one was only thin I broke it into two which was just enough for me.
Like all bath bombs do, when dropped into the bath it fizzed until dissolved. It turned the bath a light orange colour, if the whole bath bomb was put it then the colour would be much stronger. I could really smell the cardamom and clove bud but not so much the spearmint oil. I’m kind of glad I couldn’t as I don’t think spearmint would mix too well with the other two scents.
Unlike most bath bombs, I found this one to be really moisturising which I was pleasantly surprised about and did not expect :) 
I’ve just read the reviews about this on the Lush website, they all seem to be saying the scent faded after a few minutes. I have to totally disagree! My bathroom still smells and I’ve been out the bath for at least a…

I’m home and back to posting again :)

A weekend away was just what I needed! I had such a great time as I hadn’t seen any of my cousins since Christmas! Sadly my brother couldn’t go, at 25 he still loves dressing up for Halloween so wanted to go to a party instead, otherwise the whole family was their :)

Everyone usually brings different bits of food and drink but me and my parents where going on the train so was limited on what to take. We decided to make these cupcakes as they look so pretty and taste amazing!

We also went to Chatsworth house as there was a sculpture exhibition on including a few of my favourites, Henry Moore, Marc Quinn, Antony Gormley and Niki De Saint Phalle. It was a really pleasant and mild day so it was really nice to walk around the gardens spotting all the sculptures.

As it was my aunties 50th we had a little party in the cabin on the Saturday night. It being Halloween my youngest cousins dressed up as cats and went round a few of the cabins trick or treating. My auntie invited a few of her friend…