Review: Lush The Fabulous Mrs Fox

I am only going to be reviewing the one on the left as I haven’t used the pumpkin one yet. My mum went to Lush to buy her friend a gift box and saw these two bath bombs and bought them for me :) The pumpkin is part of their limited edition Halloween collection a long with ghost shower gel, this Jacko bath bomb is so cute!
Their are a lot more Halloween goodies in the American Lush website which I really want and am really jealous.
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The one on the left looks a bit odd but the orange bit is meant to be a foxes foot print like the picture below. I’ve broken it into pieces as it’s a bath melt. I only  use a little bit as the scent is so strong so I should get 4 more baths out of this. so £2.95 for 5 baths isn’t bad!
I break a chunk off and crumble it into running water in my tub, once it starts to melt really light and fluffy bubbles appear. I sometimes switch the shower on to create more bubbles but if you lucky people have a Jacuzzi jet bath you obviously don’t need this! Lush describes the smell as angelica, peppermint and citronella. I can definitely smell a bit of peppermint but the main scent is aniseed. Aniseed is not my favourite smell, I can cope with it while using this one bath melt but I don’t think I will re-purchase. The strong smell does lessen once in the bath and on your skin but smelling the bar itself can be off putting.
Lush has dedicated a whole page of information about banning fox hunting which you can read here. I’m all for the banning of fox hunting so I’m getting a nice treat as well as donating money to this good cause. 100% of the proceeds of this bath melt goes to the Hunt Saboteurs Association.


  1. All for banning hunting as well, but since those aren't my favourite scents it may be one I buy for other people this Christmas!

  2. @LiseyDuck yeh I think if they brought the same scent out in other products I probably wouldn't buy them, I prefer sweet scented things


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