Review: Botanics super balm

I’ve had this super balm for a few weeks now and have been using it on a regular basis.
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What they say:
“Botanics range combines active plant extracts in carefully balanced formulations to give you the right product for your skin type. Botanics Organic Super Balm contains 95% certified Organic ingredients, with a formulation of Argan oil which is perfectly adapted to cope with the harsh conditions of heat and drought of its native Morocco. The oil, rich in polyunsaturates and natural tocopherols (vitamin E), has been the local womens beauty secret for centuries, nourishing and protecting the skin.
Botanics Organic Super Balm  contains plant extracts at levels that really work, combined with Shea Butter which nourishes and conditions the skin.
Botanics Organic Super Balm is richly hydrating and blended for use on areas that really need extra moisture. With argan oil to deeply moisturise and protect, plus shea butter to nourish and condition.”
Over the past few months my skin has changed dramatically. I have never suffered from dry skin on my face before and I classed my skin as combination oily, more at the oily end. At the moment I’d say my skin is at both ends of the spectrum, extremely dry and sensitive all the way to oily. I really hope it goes back to normal, I’d much rather have oily skin than dry!! And that’s saying a lot.
The easy solution to dry skin would be to smother it in a thick cream like E45 but you just can’t do that on skin which is also oily. This is where the super balm fits in ♥  I use my normal light face moisturiser morning and night and then if needed I will use the super balm on any dry patches. It hydrates them straight away and leaves those areas of my skin looking like the rest of my face. The balm may seem to be a little oily straight after you have used it but it soaks in nicely and doesn’t leave a greasy layer.
This little pot costs just under £5 but a little goes a long way so it will last a good while. It’s also small enough to slip in your bag for on the go touch ups.
I still want to try Liz Earle’s super balm to see if its any better than this but that will have to be when I have a job. For now botanics will do me just fine.


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