A long weekend away :)

I won’t be posting anything this weekend as I’m going away to Darwin Forest in Chesterfield for a family get together :) We all go every year, usually for bonfire weekend as there are fireworks and a huge bonfire. This year it’s my aunties 50th so she’s having a party on the Saturday night so no fancy dress for me :( But I think I’m going trick or treating round the cabins with my youngest cousin so that’ll be fun!
There isn’t any internet connection in the cabins nor is there any phone signal so I’ll be MIA on here, tumblr and twitter till Monday.
You can still enter my giveaway but I won’t be able to approve the comments till I get back.
I’m not going till tomorrow afternoon but today and tomorrow is going to be busy! I have to do my washing, pack/get ready to go and bake some cakes to take with us.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  1. Enjoy! Sounds fab.




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